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  • Apps for Office and SharePoint blog

    Office Store now accepting listings in four additional languages – French, German, Japanese, and Spanish

    We’re excited to announce that the Office Store is now accepting listings in four additional languages! Whether you have existing apps listed in the Office Store or you’re ready to add your first new app, you can now list additional languages...
  • Microsoft SQL Server Japan Support Team Blog

    SQL Server 2012/2008 R2 新機能: 列変更カウンタ (colmodctr)

    神谷 雅紀 SQL Server Escalation Engineer SQL Server 7.0 と 2000 では、統計情報の自動更新が行われるタイミングは、前回の統計更新以降に変更された行数に基づいて決定され、更新された行数は、 sysindexes システムテーブルの rowmodctr により知ることができました。SQL Server 2005 以降では、統計情報の自動更新は、 Microsoft SQL Server 2005 のクエリ オプティマイザが使用する統計情報...
  • Microsoft Press

    New book: Inside Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012 R3

    We’re pleased to announce the availability of Inside Microsoft Dynamics® AX 2012 R3 (9780735685109), by The Microsoft Dynamics AX Team. Purchase from these online retailers: Microsoft Press Store Barnes & Noble ...
  • Willy's Reflections

    Introducing the Visual Studio ALM Rangers – José Freire Neto

    This post is part of an ongoing series of Rangers introductions. See Ranger Index (Who is Who?) for more details. Who you are? R&D Manager at Sonda IT. What makes you “tick”?   Help people solve their problems, and share knowledge with others...
  • Inside Microsoft Dynamics GP

    Collections Management in SPLA for Microsoft Dynamics GP 2013

    It has come to our attention that for a brief time there was a PartnerSource message posted in error regarding Collections Management in SPLA for Microsoft Dynamics GP 2013. Collections Management WILL be included in the Full User for SPLA on Microsoft...
  • VSX Arcana

    How to change solution icon in the Visual Studio Isolated Shell

    This question posted to the VS Extensibility Forum recently caught my attention. Initially, I initially suspected this would have a simple answer, but it turns out the shell pulls this icon directly from a resource in msenv.dll. After examining the underlying...
  • Quick Thoughts

    Publish Windows 8 Package to the Store

    Alright, in my last blog post , I showed you how to get your Windows 8 store package from your Gamemaker game.  Now, I will show you how to take that package and publish it to the Windows 8 Store.  To get started, go ahead and go to the Windows...
  • Arpan Shah's Blog

    CMS at my Alma Matter

    I'm not sure how many people know, but MIT uses CMS to manage its courses online. A few years ago, MIT announced a very forward thinking initiative - to make all its courseware available, free of charge, to the greater community. Today, the OpenCourseWare...
  • IEBlog 简体中文

    通过 CSS 滚动吸附点规范,实现全新的互操作平移体验

    今天,我们向 W3C 提交了一个新 提案 ,CSS 滚动吸附点,其旨在为触控和其他输入设备实现快速而流畅的平移体验,该提案基于在 IE10 中引入并在 IE11 中得以改进的 API。这些 API 允许开发人员更轻松地构建平移体验,例如完美支持触控的分页内容和滚动照片库,并且操作起来就像使用鼠标、键盘或触控板一样轻松。该体验的典型示例就是针对 Windows 8 进行优化的 MSN 主页: 用户可以向左或向右轻扫来浏览当天的头条新闻。借助与在 IE 中使用触控功能平移网页的相同硬件加速平移技术...
  • Windows Embedded Blog

    Overcoming the challenge of the “always connected” customer

    Posted By Myriam Semery
    Windows Embedded BG Lead

    The 14th International Scala Conference took place in Amsterdam recently, and I was invited to present Microsoft’s vision around intelligent systems to a panel of retailers from across Europe. My focus was on how intelligent systems enable a connected customer experience; specifically, how digital signage reinforces the brand and can be adjusted based on season, day of week, or time of day to more effectively attract target audiences in retail. But I also emphasized how competitive retailers need to turn challenges created by the “always connected” (or digital) shopper into opportunities to engage with customers and win their loyalty. 

    Outlining Microsoft’s vision for intelligent systems, in Amsterdam

    The digital customer wants to seamlessly shop and purchase anytime, anywhere, using the device of his or her choice. Today’s “always connected” customer demands instant access to information, and that challenges retailers to deliver experiences that not only reflect the personal preference of each buyer but that execute seamlessly across all devices and channels, in a way that is engaging and brand-enhancing—and that ultimately drives repeat business. Because the store plays a central and diversifying role in any omni-channel strategy, it must be efficiently connected to enterprise systems for first-rate customer service.


    Comments Intelligent Systems

  • Robert Burke's MSDN Weblog

    Dr Strangelove wrapup

    At long last, I'm back from the road trip that sent us careening to the far corners of this island to get a chance to meet with developers. In both Belfast and Galway I was pleasantly surprised by the number of people who had thoughtful (and deep) questions...
  • oliverlu's WebLog


    又到了 12 月份了,整理整理一年的事迹,又要迎接新的一年了。新的一年,总是给人种种憧憬,再怎么样,新的总比旧的好。 我们来看看,身边发生了些什么?今天的乱弹,转载 洪波 的两篇 Blog ,因为觉得有一点共鸣。 盛大控股 Actoz ,没意外 盛大 9170 万美元控股韩国网络游戏公司 Actoz ,几乎是对 1 年前很多人预言的兑现。在盛大与 Actoz 、 Wemade 这两家韩国游戏厂商闹得不可开交的时候,就有很多人预言,盛大上市后第一件事,就是把 Actoz 买下来。 盛大从 Actoz...
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