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  • 微软亚太区数据库技术支持组 官方博客

    浅析微软大数据平台HDInsight (1)

    大数据!这对我们来讲早已不是一个陌生的词汇。 什么是大数据 ? 大数据,故名思议,首先它是一套数据集的集合。然后这个集合非常大,非常复杂,以至于使用一般的数据库管理工具或者传统的数据处理程序会很难对它进行处理。 那哪些数据是属于大数据的范畴?根据大数据的定义,我们可以举出一些大数据的例子: 比如,传统的大数据有物理实验数据,各种感应器的数据,卫星数据等等。 随着人类社会的发展,计算机技术的发展,现在的大数据还包括一些计算机本身操作的日志,网店客户的一些行为表现...
  • Articles from

    IT Camp deck and resources: Modernizing Your Infrastructure with Hybrid Cloud

    Thank you to those who attended my IT Camp event on Modernizing Your Infrastructure with Hybrid Cloud today in Chicago IL. I certainly enjoyed discussing cloud migration scenarios with everyone! In this article, I'm providing a copy of the deck we...
  • Sara Williams' blog

    Protect yourself...

    ...and your computers!  If you haven't already, please please please take a few moments to protect your computer against the blaster worm.   The patch is simple, the steps are straightforward, and you'll be glad you did. ...
  • Erik Dibbern Röser

    Ny blog?

    Hvorfor nu endnu en blog med mit navn? Det er blevet besluttet at alle blogs på GDN skal flyttes af administrations-mæssige årsager. ASP.NET er det naturlige valg for mig - så derfor vil du i løbet af januar kunne opleve...
  • Robert A. Wlodarczyk's Blog (MSFT)

    x86 ASM for .NET

    Just looking through Don's weblog where he shows that it is now actually possible to write x86 ASM in .NET. Pretty crazy huh? I would have never guessed that someone would actually port x86 ASM to .NET, but apparently it's been done. Here's a direct link...

    Blog tools

    One of the things I was most worried about in moving to this new site was having something simple to use to post to my blog. Live Journal has these really great, simple tools for posting. I'm using w.bloggar as my posting tool. I've been playing with...
  • Lessons Learned

    PowerShell for N00bs 1: Hello, World

    To review, we learned two things: 1) "To execute an object, call its ToString() method, then print the value returned." This is useful because we know every object has a ToString() method, so we can safely print any chunk of data, er, object. 2) PowerShell, like an onion, has layers. ...
  • Jennifer Marsman

    Real World Azure with Microsoft IT - Coming to a City Near You!

    TechNet & MSDN Events Present: Real World Azure with Microsoft IT Come spend a day with us to explore Windows Azure™ – Microsoft’s platform for building and deploying cloud based applications – from a real world point of view...
  • wltester

    Old World vs. New World

    As software has become increasingly more complex and the demands placed on the test discipline have escalated, it is clear that the legacy approaches for testing software are not always adequate. Sometimes test teams get caught up in performing the same...
  • John's Blog

    Collaborative Networking – Sharing Documents

    One subject that is currently interesting me is real-time sharing of documents over a network. Imagine being able to to work with someone on the same programming or writing project, even if you are thousands of miles apart. I regularly use Instant Messenger...

    WMI Explorer 2.0 is now on Codeplex!

    When I worked in support, I troubleshot WMI quite bit using many tools. One tool I still keep my eye on with regards to ongoing development was – and still is – the WMI Explorer utility. I am happy to report a new version of an excellent troubleshooting...
  • Microsoft UK Small and Medium Business

    Cyber Monday: Avoiding the headaches of seasonal demand


    It's thought three quarters of small and medium sized businesses planned to take advantage of Cyber Monday on December 1st, spending an estimated £1.6bn.....

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