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  • Windows Mobile Team Blog

    Adding Root Certificates for Exchange Activesync

    How can I add root certs to my Windows Mobile 5.0 device? In WM 5.0, the certchk tool no longer works for disabling SSL certificate verification on the Exchange ActiveSync connection. What are the options for secure connections to the server? ...
  • Windows Embedded Blog

    Windows CE 5.0 - Comparing Workspaces - Part 1

    Windows CE is a componentized (is that a real word?) operating system, but you already knew that, right. Being componentized (there's that word again) is a good thing, it means you only put the technologies you need into the operating system (the same...
  • scooblog by josh ledgard

    Spot the hidden Ajax in the latest MSDN Forums Release

    I just knew there was at least one use for Ajax in the web forum world. The Microsoft.Com forums team turned the key on their latest release today that includes just a sprinkle of Ajax. Can you find it from the site? You...
  • Your Data in the Cloud

    Forced and Simple Parameterization in SQL Server 2005

    As the optimizer gets more and more sophisticated, cost of optimization naturally increases. When that is the case; simple and forced parameterization comes to the rescue (much like you neighborhood plumber). These features simply allow the reuse of execution...
  • Windows Embedded Blog

    Tiny Blog - Rory Blyth is talking about mobile/embedded technologies.

    Rory Blyth ( of MSDN Fame ) has started a blog talking about Mobile/Embedded technologies - here's a quote from Rory "I actually think it's the most exciting area at Microsoft. More exciting than the dev tools, more exciting than Vista." - ooh, sounds...
  • Alex Barnett's blog

    uber OPML

    Cristian Vidmar : "Having all my content as a big OPML file I can query, transform and render, either on my powerbook or on a server or both is something I miss today." Nice. Then I could subscribe to you...all of you.
  • Bill Gibson's Blog

    ARCast on model-driven development

    An interesting initial round on this model-driven development podcast , including comments from Jack Greenfield from our team. Will be fun to watch this one develop... As someone who was involved in what we believed to be one the big successes of the...
  • Alex Barnett's blog

    Microsoft acquires FolderShare (for Windows Live)

    I love FolderShare . I loved it before Microsoft acquired the company (I had no idea we were in talks), and love it today. How does this fit with the Windows Live news? BetaNews : "A company spokesperson did offer BetaNews one example of how...
  • Rob's Rhapsody

    Speak4CAD -- speech enabling AudoCAD

    I found an interesting application tonight. Speak4CAD -- made by Enact Technology. Here's their blurb from their press release today; Atlanta , GA --Enact Technology, LLC has announced the release of its speak4CAD recognition software, the first...
  • Antimail - better than

    I like that is easier to type: one character less than, and a lot easier than typing (and also easier than!). So I am not using as the choice for a quick search portal. Of course, first thing I do...
  • Artificial Ignorance - the Anand Iyer chronicles

    *KISS*, and please, do tell

    Engineering the engineering process I’m starting to notice this interesting trend in the software industry of corporations that want to engineer their engineering process . That’s right - engineer their engineering process. Engineering a software or...
  • Nikhil's Blog

    My first entry: HelloWorld!

    Finally, I have gotten started to blogging @MS. I used toblog previously at , but as you may realise that I have not written so frequently on it. Hereafter, Im planning to blog more frequently and this will be the main space...
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