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  • Janelas - Windows em Português

    O que aí vem - Windows Vista

    Neste momento estou a trabalhar no Windows Vista. O processo de localização já começou e dentro de duas semanas já vamos ter acesso internamente às primeiras versões em Português. Vou tentar conseguir arranjar algumas imagens para colocar aqui.
  • Microsoft's JobsBlog

    Mars Attacks JobsBlog!

    For your Friday afternoon fun .... Wanna take out your frustrations on a fellow blogger? Maybe a company did you wrong? You'll show them for not hiring you! Deploy a " Net Disaster ." For your viewing plesasure, here's what it would look like if...
  • DevDiv Servicing Team Blog

    DevDiv Servicing Discussion Area

    Please use the comments area below as an area to discuss and ask questions about Visual Studio and .NET Framework Servicing. You can find background information at . Questions about topics other...
  • The Hogg Blog

    Web service security - Threats and Countermeasures - Part 4 : Message Protection – Sign and Encrypt and Encrypt Signature!

    Network eavesdropping may lead to disclosure of confidential information even though the SOAP message body is encrypted! How could this be possible you ask? Read on...
  • Only Passionate People Win

    I feel terrible...

    Just came out of the meeting where we discussed what we were going to work on. And I feel terrible. I was sooo unprepared. Did not help team members make progress on agenda. Could not help people make decisions. Heck, I HAD NO OPINION. No contribution...
  • Satisfy Me

    Of interest: Branson says pandemic flu would ground 70% of aircraft

    I enjoy listening to Sir Richard and find him to be refreshing and insightful. Which is why I was interested to read his thought today Branson's quote today at the World Economic Forum in Davos on the potential global impact of the Avian influenza...
  • jfo's coding

    Tell us what you think about the Grid!

    As you may know the Jan CTP is out , with improvements to the Cider Grid design time experience. We want to know what you think .
  • Eric Gunnerson's Compendium

    Devo 2.0

    I came across a site for a group doing covers of Devo songs. That by itself only rate a 5 or so on the weirdness scale. The weird thing is that a) It's a kids group, of undisclosed age, though they look like 12 year olds to me. and 2) It's...
  • Alex Barnett's blog

    RSS, OPML + SSE - Tutorial and Samples

    The RSS Team blog : "We’ve received lots of requests – both from the community and from within Microsoft- for samples, samples, samples of SSE code in action. We heard you. Here is a tutorial outlining “SSE 101” with accompanying samples." -...
  • The Little Wheel Goes in Back

    Where Am I?

    A thread on’s FSX forum caught my attention recently. In short the person was frustrated that when you drift off the runway while using ATC in FS2004 you get told to “contact ground”. In this user’s case he was doing pattern work and likely...
  • Simon's Mu-zings

    Windows Forms & IIS Channel9 videos

    Just looking around on channel9 and found a great set of Windows Forms and IIS videos. Here's the list: Briefly Inside the Windows Forms Designer Demo of ClickOnce Building Outlook UI in 100 lines of code with Winforms talking about Smart...
  • Chk Your Dsks

    Channel 9 Video on DFS in Windows Server 2003 R2

    Our very own Shobana Balakrishnan, a program manager on our Windows Longhorn Server team, takes you through the server roadmap and demonstrates Windows Server 2003 R2. Think you know everything about Windows Server? You might be surprised by the innovations...
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