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  • Family Health Guy

    My New Playground

    I'm proud to say that quite a bit of the HealthVault codebase still traces its roots back to the stuff that Johnson, Jeff and I wrote back in early 2006. But the truth is, that's less and less the case every day (at least for me -- Johnson and in particular...
  • What's Rockin' in Singapore

    Innovation.NEXT() I want to get a hold on partners who are eager to start building the next generation web applications. Innovation.NEXT() is a program we are running for dev companies who are eager to...
  • Adam Meltzer's Configuration Manager Blog

    Common native mode client -> MP error messages and what to do about them

    Often times, basic communication issues can happen between the client and MP and they can be hard to decipher from logging alone. The error class I'll concentrate on here are the "WINHTTP_STATUS_CALLBACK" errors that may appear in the ccmexec.log on the...
  • Microsoft PixelSense Blog

    Developing Surface Applications

    Hello. My name is Luis Cabrera, I am a developer in Microsoft Surface. I joined the team about 6 months ago. Before that, I worked on the Windows Mobile SDK, where I blogged every once in a while. During the next few months, I am planning to write a few...
  • Randomness

    Code Coverage

    Visual Studio 2008 has support for getting code coverage data for your application while running tests. However, you might want to see what corners you hit in your code when simply playing around with your code. This may be necessary, for example, when...
  • Microsoft UK Schools blog

    Creating engaging learning content

    An international colleague sent me some information on resources create by Deutsche World, the German equivalent of BBC World Service, which are short video snippets to support science teaching. With a cartoon Einstein to guide students through the...
  • junhan


    asas change!
  • Microsoft UK Further Education Blog

    Keep thinking the unthinkable – Gerald Haigh ponders the evolution towards the virtual school


    The following is a guest post written by Gerald Haigh .  It’s important always to think ahead of what seems currently possible. When computers first arrived in education there were many who speculated on whether they would ever replace the teacher...

  • Nicole Welch

    Unable to Find VBScript Script Engine?

    Everyday SCOM teaches me something new, and necessarily about SCOM! Recently I was onsite with a customer and we hit an OperationsManager event log that was full on red - never a good sign. It appeared that every script SCOM tried to run failed...VBScript...
  • Microsoft Partner Network Blog | Microsoft Australia

    Windows 7

    Yesterday I installed Windows 7 Release Candidate (RC), a pre-release version of the next-generation operating system on my PC. I love it! You too can Install Windows 7 RC today. Attend the virtual Windows 7 Partner Readiness Day – May 7, 2009 Join us...
  • Chris Bowen's Blog

    Upcoming Northeast Developer Events: April-June 2009

    Here’s the latest roundup of upcoming events to help you expand your knowledge and connect with other developers. Another good way to find events and groups is to check out the Boston User Groups site. Know of any other events or user group meetings? ...
  • Microsoft Dynamics AX Tips & Tricks


    Развитие Microsoft Dynamics AX подразумевает вынос отчетности (по крайней мере – не оперативной) из системы средствами SSRS или SSAS. Поэтому, AX можно будет рассматривать как OLTP приложение и использовать общие методы оптимизации, подходящие для...
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