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  • The Inner Product

    Windows Media Connect Folder Sharing Won't Start

    After installation the next barrier that folks can hit is service startup. It looks something like this. You run through the first-run wizard and after it is all done you get a popup balloon that says “Folder sharing failed to start”. That doesn’t sound...
  • Jensen Harris: An Office User Interface Blog

    The End of Personalized Menus

    As faithful readers of this blog, you no doubt know that not every program shipping with the Office 12 "wave" of products has the new user interface . This means that, at least for the time being, menus and toolbars are still alive as...
  • The Old New Thing

    The vtable does not always go at the start of the object

    There is no requirement that it does, and it often doesn't....
  • .NET Security Blog

    Detecting that You're Running in a ClickOnce Application

    In my last post , I mentioned that application scoped isolated storage only works if you're running in a ClickOnce application. That begs the question -- how do I tell if I'm currently running in the context of a ClickOnce application? You can see...
  • John Bristowe's Weblog

    Windows Live Favorites

    Windows Live now provides a service for storing your browser favorites up in the cloud. Check it out . Very helpful when moving between machines.
  • All About Interop

    SAML on .NET

    Do you use web services? If you have concerns about interoperability and security, then you probably would like to see SAML support on .NET. Well here's something for you. The Patterns&Practices team at Microsoft have just released a SAML sample that...
  • 철수네 소프트웨어 세상 [마이크로소프트 지점]

    제품 개발은 참 어려운 것...

    • 2 Comments 이렇게 생각하면 어떨까요. Microsoft는 엄청나게 많은 피드백을 고객들로부터 받습니다. 그 받은 피드백을 기반으로 제품을 만들게 되는데요(왜냐하면, 결국 그 고객이 사용하기 때문에), 어떤 한 항목에 대한 피드백의 스펙트럼은 빨강에서부터 정반대인 보라까지 있습니다. 절대 빨강도 만족하고 보라도 만족할 수 있는 제품은 이세상에 존재할 수 없습니다. 빨강이 다수라면 빨간색을...
  • Moj mali spletni dnevnik

    Urejevalnik bcdedit.exe

    Shramba BCD (Boot Configuration Data) vsebuje zagonske parametre in nadzira zagon sistemov Windows Vista in Windows Server kodno imenovenega "Longhorn". Pred tem so se te nastavitve nahajale v datoteki Boot.ini . Sprememba vpliva na naičin urejanja...
  • D/1195

    Stentor, Server Concepts and Rackspace

    In this short video, customers Stentor, Server Concepts, and Rackspace explain how the Services Provider License Agreement helped their businesses. SPLA Video (110 k) (3 MB) SPLA Video (300 k) (8 MB)
  • AppDev: Something You Should Know by Irena Kennedy

    SYSK 45: Is RSS Just a Fad?

    Ok, so we all know by now that RSS (Real Simple Syndication) is a great way to push the web content to your personalized portal. Some of you might even be reading this posting via an RSS feed. If you’re not using RSS yet, you might want to check out the...
  • Windows @ Brasil

    Configurando o Boot no Vista

    Os dados de configuração do boot ( Boot Configuration Data -BCD ) contém parâmetros que controlam como o sistema operacional é inicializado no Microsoft Windows Vista e no Microsoft Windows Server "Longhorn". Este parâmetros estavam previamente no arquivo...
  • Khushboo's blog

    Change your Outlook and get a new Office today!

    I finally installed office 12 on my desktop a couple of days back and loved it so much that I now have it in all my desktops and my laptop J . Not that I have deep dived into it ..but the very look and feel made me feel like … “wow – I would love to...
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