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  • NETNew WebLog

    Just Released - Enterprise Library for .NET 2.0

    Just released on MSDN by Microsoft Patterns & Practices -
  • Visio

    Visio Conference にきています

    Visio Conference にきています。日本のパートナーさんも参加されており、すべてのセッションが盛況のうちに終了しました。 これに関連したトピックやお知らせなどを投稿していきますね。 パスワードを忘れるという失態をしでかして更新がとまってしまって失礼いたしました。 Developer's Conference 各種ツールのソース公開 SDK ツールをつかった MSI のカスタマイズ などネタ帳にあるトピックについて順次更新してきます。
  • Live Search

    Privacy and MSN Search

    There’s been quite a frenzy of speculation over the past 24 hours regarding the request by the government for some data in relation to a child online protection lawsuit. Obviously both privacy and child protection are both super important topics – so...
  • PeteL's Blog

    My Photography Is Hanging

    I've got two shows hanging in the very near future, not a lot of my work, but there is some, so if you're interested in seeing any, I'd recommend checking it out! PCNW Staff & Faculty show is currently hanging at the Photo Center. I've got three pieces...
  • Powertoys WebLog

    HelpStudio Lite to Author Help Content in VS 2005

    From the MSDN Forums... The VS 2005 SDK contains a new tool for authoring Help and integrating it with VS 2005. The tool is called HelpStudio Lite. It is lightweight version of the full HelpStudio product, developed by Innovasys . HelpStudio Lite...
  • The Business of Software

    .NXT Program to Support The ISV Community

    Have you had an opportunity to checkout our new .NXT Program at ? The reason we put this program together is to help ISV ‘s that are migrating to .NET. I love some of the comments from the journalist community about why we created...
  • The Business of Software

    Siebel User Conference Video on Channel 9

    I’ve been super busy since the holidays and somewhat neglected my BLOG (bad Eddie). I’ve been amazed at how many folks have commented on my ISV Chalk Talk Video on Doc Holiday’s site. If you have had an opportunity to checkout our videos from the Siebel...
  • scooblog by josh ledgard

    Did you even know MVPs could write KB articles?

    Here is a not so great example of a "community solution process" that currently seems broken. ... From now on, I am not going to add new articles to the MSDN Knowledge Base (Community Solutions). Instead, the articles will added to my own web site...
  • The Little Wheel Goes in Back

    Will FSX "Support" SLI?

    No. Why? Because there's nothing to "support". Steve explains why . UPDATE : BTW, the benchmark link Steve provides in his post also include a very in-depth discussion of SLI. Defintely worth reading.
  • Michael Zammuto: Connected Systems, disconnected thoughts

    How (not) to build a successful ISV

    Admit it, you have thought about starting a technology company. Well, before joining Microsoft I left my job as a CTO of a medium sized ISV to bring to market and idea that I had. My product was the subject of articles in RFID Journal , Internet Retailer...
  • CorrecteurOrthographiqueOffice

    Special issue of Revue Française de Linguistique Appliquée on dictionaries

    Dictionaries are fascinating objects. A little over a year ago, the editor-in-chief of the « Revue Française de Linguistique Appliquée » (French Journal of Applied Linguistics) asked me to guest-edit a special issue of this journal on dictionaries. This...
  • Junfeng Zhang's Musing

    Error 0x80131702 when installing .Net framework 2.0 Redist

    The other day I encounter a problem when installing .Net framework 2.0 redist. It is a fresh install on a clean Windows XPSP2 machine. During the install, setup pops up a dialog says LoadLibraryShim failed to locate fusion.dll, hr=0x80131702. From...
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