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  • Working the Spoken Word

    Hello world

    I recently realized that blogs are providing more and more perspectives and data points that are useful in my daily work -- this is a great time to get involved with the community. So I'm getting this off the ground as a forum to share news and thoughts...
  • Leading Trump - Pradeep U.N. & his Blog about Nothing.

    The XBox 360 Supplychain Microcosm...

    Videogame consoles sell at a loss. There is no secret there. The "loss-leader" Gillette model rings true in the videogame console industry as well. Losses in the initial sale and margins accrue through the life of the console through cartridges or "Live...
  • Alex Barnett's blog

    2006 will be a tagtastic year

    Greg Prosl pinged me about a video sports service he has just launched: . The interesting part for me at least is the tagging side. I can tag the videos with any tag I like ( -syle) and browse and search videos by tags...
  • Yves Dolce

    Sending your C++ sultion/project files in a ZIP files

    Before creating the ZIP file and for example, attaching it to an e-mail and send it to a friend, you might want to considerably reduce its size (the ZIP file, not the friend) by doing: del /s *.pch *.pdb *.ncb *.sbr *.obj *.idb *.ilk Al those are...
  • Ryan Donovan's Commerce Server WebLog

    Have you seen our GotDotNet Commuinity?

    • 0 Comments This community was created by Max Akbar, one of the Program Managers on my team. Max obivously has way too much time on his hands - for which I am very grateful...
  • Leading Trump - Pradeep U.N. & his Blog about Nothing.

    Are you "Microsoft-MAX"ed yet?

    Microsoft Codename Max is uber-cool, very rock-on and quite download-heavy. "It is not like any other product. That's because it's not a product—it's your opportunity to try an exciting new user experience from Microsoft. " is the blurb on their webpage...
  • Mike Stall's .NET Debugging Blog

    Writing a debugger in VB

    Some might consider writing a managed debugger in VB.Net to be an oxymoron . But maybe not. Here's a VB.Net snippet that serves as a highly-specialized debugger to launch an app and print all the modules that get loaded. This is adapted from the C#...
  • Somasegar's blog

    MSDN Forums

    Have you checked out the MSDN Forums lately? Customers continually tell me the most important community feature is being able to find quick, accurate answers to technical questions - using online communities as a way to stay connected and leverage...
  • Kari Martin's .NET Blogette

    Check out ISV Chalk Talk... great video on Vista!

    Check out ISV Chalk Talk hosted by Doc Holladay! ISV Chalk Talk is a new blog community for ISVs looking for information around the .NET Platform and Microsoft development tools as well as other key technologies across Microsoft...
  • Roberdan

    Fantastico: Blog editor con Infopath

    veramente splendido! da migliorare un pelo l'interfaccia, ma se avete un server blog con .Text, provatelo. Il link per scaricarlo è:   ps: belli sti smart client ;-)   Roberdan
  • Outside The Cube

    ActiveSync 4.1 RTW...

    • 1 Comments New features include: • New partnership wizard to help customers more easily setup a sync partnership • Faster transfer of data files including...
  • MSBuild Team Blog

    MSBuild in Visual Studio Part 12: Compiling Inside Visual Studio

    We’ve touched briefly on how the Compile target is used by Visual Studio, but only on how it relates to Intellisense. Of course while Intellisense is nice, most people would like to actually compile a complete application using Visual Studio. If you’re...
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