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  • Robert Hu's Blog

    Longhorn Windows Virtualization public beta 將延遲到 2007 下半年

    根據昨天 Windows Server Division Blog 中 Virtualization Strategy 的 GM Mike Neil 的這篇 Viridian and Virtual Server Timing Updates 文章指出,Windows Server Virtualization 預計延遲到 2007 下半年推出公開 Beta,而不是原定的上半年。 Virtual Server 2005 R2 SP1 也將延遲到 Q2 推出。Mike Neil 表示此次的延遲是要確認推出的...
  • Chris Bowen's Blog

    Cool Technology at Live Labs

    If you haven't been to Microsoft Live Labs site before, take some time to review their latest technologies. PhotoSynth PhotoSynth is a very cool bit of technology. Here's their description: Photosynth is an amazing new technology from Microsoft Live Labs...
  • Steve Caravajal's Ramblings

    Office Client and MOSS Integration: Good, Better, Best...

    This white paper describes how different versions of Office programs work together with the 2003 and 2007 versions of SharePoint technologies. Although an overview of the integration features of Microsoft Office 2000 versus Microsoft Office XP with Microsoft...
  • eScience @ Microsoft

    MSDN Nuggets

    Just ran across the MSDN Nugget resource - I like the short takes on the topics and the ability to download them and watch them on the road. MSDN Nuggets Don't have the time to read a 10-page how-to article or watch a full length webcast? Try an MSDN...
  • What's Rockin' in Singapore

    SOA Readings...

    MS Corp has published 2 solid books on SOA/service orientation. 1. Dynamic Modeling-Aligning Business and IT This volume looks at how you...
  • System.Blog.Martens.Ben

    Process Explorer

    Are you still using the default Task Manager? That's so 2006. All the cool kids are using Process Explorer . Microsoft bought the product a year or two ago and it's free for the taking. The first thing you'll want to do when you fire it up is click Options...
  • Steve Rowe's Blog

    What To Unit Test

    Several months back I wrote about unit testing. Following that I received a question from a reader about how to actually carry out writing unit tests. What should be tested? How much is enough? There is no single answer to these questions but I can give...
  • Steve Caravajal's Ramblings

    Feature Comparison: Office 2007 vs 2003

    Differences between the 2007 Office system and Office 2003 </steve>
  • 青い空の向こうへ

    Windows Azure Platform の受信データ転送無償化へ ~ 2011 年 7 月より

    リークがありましたので ご存じの方もいらっしゃるかと思いますが、2011 年 7 月 1 日より Windows Azure Platform の受信 (Inbound) データ転送が無料になります。これまでもオフピークタイムの受信データ転送には課金がされていませんでしたが、7/1より全ての受信データ転送が無料になります。 "受信"と"送信"、どちらの方向のデータの動きなのか、念のため確認ですが、Windows Azure Platform (データセンター) を主体とした用語になっています...
  • Secret Microsoft Communications

    Free Angry Birds on Windows Phone 7

    How to make Angry Birds for your Windows Phone 7. This is freaking FUN, zoom over to this link and get started: If you don’t have a Windows Phone 7...
  • Canadian Solution Developers' Blog

    Improving the SharePoint User Experience with Custom Web Part Editors

    Today’s blog comes courtesy of Christopher Harrison ( @GeekTrainer ), a Microsoft Certified Trainer (MCT), teaching mainly SharePoint and SQL Server and the owner and Head Geek at GeekTrainer Inc. Christopher has been training for the past 12+ years,...
  • Russell Christopher's Semi-Useful BI Musings

    Save your SSAS browser queries for re-use: new add-in

    File this under "reclaim a few second of your life". If you build semi-complex pivots in the SSAS browser, you probably get annoyed when you have to rebuild them time and time again after you close the cube designer. Well, Yossi Elkayam has written the...
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