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  • PeteL's Blog

    New Microsoft Technology (joke)

    Well, I think today is going to be a good day! November 7th approaches very quickly, and with it, comes the release of VS 2005 along with Visual Web Developer. But, more importantly, I found out about this new Microsoft Technology [Windows Media File...
  • Eric Gunnerson's Compendium

    The book that never was

    After I finished my C# book, I looked around for something else to write about. After some thinking, I decided to write a regular expression book that was focused explicitly on the .NET version of regular expressions. Mastering Regular Expressions is...
  • Buck Hodges

    Team Foundation Beta 3 Virtual PC is headed your way

    The beta 2 Virtual PC image was hugely popular. The new Team Foundation beta 3 VPC image is now making its way up to MSDN. So, later today or Monday you'll be able to download and run a single-server and client beta 3. Just make sure you have plenty of...
  • Calvin Hsia's WebLog

    Optimization question from a reader

    I received a question: …I've always been curious about code like this: IF wParam=ASC("a") wParam=ASC("b") ENDIF Is it more appropriate to think of ASC("a") as the Fox equivalent of a C 'a', or is it an actual function call every time through? ...
  • Microsoft's JobsBlog

    H-1B visa increase proposed to the US Congress

    The Mercury News reports ... 46% boost in tech visas proposed A Senate committee Thursday approved a nearly 50 percent increase in special visas . . . to hire highly skilled foreign workers and boosted application fees to help ease the federal...
  • DDITDev

    Step into your customer's shoes - Posted by Avi

    Many of the tools we write are used by the DevDiv Build Lab to get their job done. Cranking out 50-100 builds per night takes more than just a few fast servers, a great staff, and lots of alcohol ( kidding! ). There's only so many things you can keep...
  • Jezz Santos

    What is Enterprise Framework?

    Here is the definition according to the Microsoft internal Glossary Service we have: A Microsoft collection of tools, including code and templates, used to develop enterprise line of business applications and services. Enterprise Framework was build...
  • Alex Barnett's blog

    GANs - Global Area Networks

    You've heard of LANs, (Local Area Networks) and you've probably heard of WANs (Wide Area Networks). But have you heard of GANs (Global Area Networks)? You have now, and they're coming our way.. Wired : "Telecom giant Inmarsat is weeks away...
  • Windows Installer Team Blog

    Affects of a Vista Upgrade on Existing Application Installs

    Context: Glimpse at an internal thread where Technical Evangelists were asking about Affects of a Vista Upgrade on Existing Application Installs Question 1 : What will happen to the installed programs at the time of OS upgrade? Will the user be able...
  • Sandeep Prabhakar's WebLog

    Plugging into Events that happen on a device in managed code

    One of the most common requirements of a well written mobile application is to be network aware. For instance, as an app how do I determine if I am in the signal range of a GPRS network? There's this cool managed class that exposed in the windows mobile...
  • MicrosoftSoCalArchitectBlog

    Visual Studio Team System

    I've been getting a lot of questions about Microsoft Visual Studio Team System lately. It's new, it's very big and many people are just trying to get their arms around the impact that it will have to their current SDLC. What does it do? What doesn't it...
  • Tales of Windows Media Center Program Management

    Cool Technology I've Used in the Last Few Months

    Okay so one of the best things about being a project manager is getting to use all the new technology coming out. The comment about Away Mode made me think that it might be worth posting what I've been able to use to see if there are questions I can...
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