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  • FrankPr's World of Devices

    Webcast heute: Windows Workflow Foundation [German :-]

    20.10.2005, 16:00-17:00: MSDN Webcast: Highlight der PDC 2005 - Teil 3: Windows Workflow Foundation (WF) Der Webcast vermittelt einen ersten Überblick über die wichtigsten Konzepte dieser neuen Basistechnologie für die Ablaufsteuerung in Anwendungen...
  • 16.7ms in the life

    MceRepair 0.1 (alpha)

    Having gotten a little fed up with manually re-registering MCE files when MedCtrRO.exe fails, I have created a new command-line utility to automate the task. MceRepair.exe will: Repair the ACLs to get COM+ Services working again ( see KB909444...
  • Ryan Storgaard's Blog

    So what does SQL 2005 mean to an ISV? Part 2

    Business Intelligence   Folks, if you really want to seize an opportunity to drive some demand for your products you have to take a serious look at embedding some Business Intelligence into your product.  Don't believe me? Have a look at this Gartner...
  • Calvin Hsia's WebLog

    How to hook command window keystrokes

    A customer asked how to hook events for the command window. The sample below uses BINDEVENT to hook the WM_KEYDOWN , WM_KEYUP and WM_CHAR messages. It changes all ‘a’ keystrokes to ‘b’. * From C:\Program Files\Microsoft Visual Studio .NET...
  • Jason Langridge's WebLog - MR Mobile!

    Good article on SP2 over at ComputerWorld

    • 0 Comments,10801,105563,00.html?source=NLT_PM&nid=105563 Stan Foster of HP comments on what SP2 means to HP internally and their own deployment.
  • David Wang

    IIS7. Management API

    Asking about what will be available in an unreleased product like IIS 7.0 is pretty risky. Even at this point, there is still a lot of flexibility in terms of features "not making it", so I am making no promises. I can only say what is valid at this point...
  • fontblog


    One often finds the colophon at the end of a book, but in the case of this blog it is only right to bring it out first thing As this blog will be discussing fonts and screen readability—it only makes sense to take advantage of a feature in Internet...
  • Tripp Parks's WebLog

    Slashdot gets it wrong….Again. or Debunking grand conspiracy theories.

    For some sick reason I can't explain, I continue to read Slashdot even though I know that it is incredibly biased. Anyhow, yesterday they ran a story on yet another grand conspiracy titled " Stopping Linux Desktop Adoption Sabotage ". So, I took the bait...
  • Alex Barnett's blog

    Saw this tagspam today :-(

    Saw this tagspam today :-( Not good .
  • Ben Armstrong

    Hexxagon under Virtual PC

    Hexxagon is a simple little game - and is a derivation of a very old game (other derivations are known as reversi, othello, attacks, etc...). I do not know why but for some reason I have always enjoyed playing this particular game - as it is a very nice...
  • MikeZintel's WebLog

    The Proper Division of Labor in an Engineering Org

    My job: blogging. These folks: real work (ie setup, versioning, JIT, GC, loader, reflection, debugging, type system, interop, BCL, globalization, Windows Forms, DirectX, networking, crypto, ADO.NET, XML, etc). Mike. This posting is provided...
  • Dan Sellers's WebLog

    ASP.NET 2.0 Provider Model: Introduction to the Provider Model

    Recently the “Introduction to the Provider Model” whitepaper was updated at . This is a must read for all ASP.NET 2.0 Web Developers...
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