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  • 16.7ms in the life

    16.7ms = free software (a silly contest)

    Sometimes being obtuse is it's own reward, but this time there's something in it for you if you know what "16.7ms" is referring to. I'm curious enough to see that I'm willing to shell out my own hard-earned cash to the first non-Microsoft employee that...
  • Life as a Developer

    Coding with filters, Adoptions, and Recreation

    We had the weekly team meeting today. Just general status reports, and a bit of discussion about some changes proposed in yesterday's spec review. I spent the rest of the day coding the file uploading page, and getting tooltips to work. I still haven...
  • Chris Hays's Reporting Services Sleazy Hacks Weblog

    Reset Page Number On Group

    Question: How can I reset my page number back to 1 every time I get a group break? Answer: Resetting the page number on group breaks isn't natively supported, but it can be achieved by tracking group breaks in a shared variable and subtracting off...
  • Working the Spoken Word

    The tough problems of simplicity

    A lot of commentaries on Bill Gates' keynote speech at CES yesterday quoted his closing statement on Microsoft's increasing investment in "the toughest problems", such as speech recognition. Here is the quotation with a little more context (from the transcript...
  • Geek Runs Through My Veins

    Developing MSBee - Part 6

    Down here at DDCPX Solutions, we've been spending our time preparing for our first SCRUM sprint. For those of you unfamiliar with SCRUM, it's an agile development methodology that we'll be using for MSBee and other tools produced by the team. We've just...
  • Gamerscore Blog

    Major Nelson Corners Peter Moore at CES

    For those that missed it, Larry Hryb, aka Major Nelson , visited with Peter Moore just before the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) kicked off. You can listen to the interview in its entirety on Larry's podcast, but for those short on time, shares...
  • Ozzie Rules Blogging

    My first Ximage image -almost...

    I am so close with my Ximage partitions working i can taste it! I got the WAIK installed onto a computer that didn't have VS 2005 Ran Ximage.exe /capture g: c:\tfs.wim "TFS Image" (g: is a bootable drive system volume) Two hours later i had...
  • search.subscribe.share in outlook 2007

    Technorati is so cool...

    I think one of the coolest parts about having a blog is being able to see who communicates about it around the web, and Technorati is awesome for that. I regularly click on the "who blogs about me" link (
  • TabBlogger

    Thumbing through my CODE Focus magazine

    First thing, of course, is to look for the photo of the team (page 10). I'm the one in the bright orange Tablet shirt. Lora mentioned this particular photo on her blog . Quite a few good articles in the magazine, but it's too bad that there's not much...
  • craigrow

    The value of ASI

    I heard many times from people who are seeing the WDK for the first time, "I don't understand the value of ASI." It is obvious we need to have a document that explains that clearly. The article below will be published in the next edition of our TAP newsletter...
  • Gamerscore Blog

    Hey, gamers: we're getting another manufacturing partner

    For those of you lucky enough to have your Xbox 360s, move along, nothing to see here. If you're waiting on yours, good news for you: we've brought another manufacturing partner onboard, Celestica , as Peter Moore outlined in the CES keynote. They should...
  • Neal's Blog

    C#, Java, and CS Education

    I read an interesting article the other day about how CS is taught in school now. The article basically argues that you can’t learn real computer science skills in Java. Without debating his attitude towards the Java language itself (and...
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