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  • bharry's WebLog

    TFS と Java 用 Teamprise 開発による顧客のエクスペリエンス

    昨日、知人がミネソタ州にあるユーザー グループの .NET と Java が混在する環境での TFS と Teamprise の使用 (英語) に関するプレゼンテーションへのリンクを転送してくれました。確かに多少偏ったところはありますが、これはこのユーザー グループの製品使用経験についての非常によくできたプレゼンテーションであり、共有するだけの価値があると感じました。多くの組織でそうであるように .NET 開発と Java 開発を同時に行っている場合、TFS と Teamprise の組み合わせは優れたソリューションになり得ます...
  • Dean's List

    Welcome and Hello

    Thank you for stopping by. Though I have been working with SharePoint for over 9 years, I only just recently decided to start a Blog. Why you ask? I work in the US Public Sector Federal Team and have found over the past few years that there are...
  • Der deutsche Education Blog

    Die Education Solution Days - Ein Rückblick

    Im Rahmen unserer Roadshow „Education Solution Days“ haben wir wieder Entscheidungsträger aus den Schulämtern und Weiterbildungsträgern eingeladen – und sie sind zu den vier angebotenen Veranstaltungen in den Regional...
  • INDEED blog

    DigiGirlz събра 40 ИТ фенки в София

    Валидно ли е все още клишето, че ИТ професиите традиционно са за мъже? Какъвто и да е отговорът на този въпрос е факт, че жените са далеч по-малко от половината професионалисти заети в сферата на технологиите. Възможно е това да се дължи чисто на лични...
  • Microsoft SharePoint Team Blog

    Novità della web part Query contenuto

    Novità della web part Query contenuto Salve, mi chiamo Dustin Anglin e ricopro la carica di Program Manager nel team di Gestione contenuto aziendale. Illustrerò oggi le novità introdotte in una delle web part di SharePoint più popolari, la web part Query...

    Déploiement de Smart Client : Guide ClickOnce

    Si la technologie ClickOnce se prend en main en 15 minutes grâce aux assistants Visual Studio, la réalité des infrastructures de production nécessite d'adapter le mécanisme de mises à jour proposé par défaut. Cette adaption est quasi incontournable dans...
  • Kačiho platformový blog

    3D Housebuilder v Silverlight 5

    Na konferenci MIX11, která před několika týdny proběhla v USA, Jon Papa předváděl nové funkce obsažené v Silverlight 5. Jedna z ukázek byla také věnována nové podpoře 3D. Jako živá ukázka byla použita aplikace 3D Housebuilder, kterou si dnes můžete volně...
  • o-LIVE-r

    Windows 7: Spaß am Programmieren–Simon

    Selten hab ich mich so gefreut, einen alten Bekannten aus meiner Jugend wieder zu sehen. Zu dieser Anwendung in Silverlight oder WPF oder Surface braucht man nicht mehr wirklich viel sagen. Die Anwendung kann unter der folgenden Adresse Live getestet...
  • Sriram's 2 Cents

    Building Private Clouds with SQL Server

    Microsoft released a reference architecture to build a Private Cloud to consolidate your database environment, for details refer to: We will also be releasing...
  • Joe Rodgers

    Wildcard Inclusion Used to Create Personal Sites Does Not Exist

    If you are leveraging Personal Sites in SharePoint 2013 you may run into an error with the non-interactive timer job used to create Personal Sites as a background task.  The timer job calls into the UserProfile Service application to create the Personal...
  • Project Firenze

    "I saw a delicate art in the business", says Yoko Warita - Tuck MBA 2010 about her Firenze|USA experience

    Microsoft is still real to me – looking back on the experience over the holiday break. I jad joined Microsoft Japan as a new graduate in 2003. I had worked there for 5 years before coming to Tuck. I loved the people, and the work was very interesting...
  • MSDN Bosna i Hercegovina

    Imagine Cup 2014 takmičenje u Bosni i Hercegovini


    Ovogodišnje takmičenje nudi tri glavne kategorije, i to: igreinovacije i društvena odgovornost, o čemu više detalja možete pronaći i na web stranici. Da bi sa svojim timom učestvovali na Imagine Cup 2014 takmičenju u nekoj od navedenih kategorija, neophodno je da se registrirate putem ove stranice.

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