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  • Michael Yeager's MSDN Blog

    Software as Systemic Core

    Developers/architects of software applications generally think of those applications as tools. Tools to be used by individuals, teams, and corporations in the achievement of their individual, team and corporate goals. Office is the classic example...
  • mstehle: The CDOs and CDONTS of Messaging Development

    FYI: Exchange 5.5 has Retired

    Well all good things must come to an end, on December 31, 2005 Exchange 5.5 reached the end of its lifecycle.  For me it is the server that started it all, I started my career in Messaging Development against Exchange 5.5 in the consulting world...
  • Larry Osterman's WebLog

    When do you need an APPID in your COM registration?

    I recently received this question from a reader: When Does ATL component need to register a AppId for it to work( Our component is an IE plug-on)? There is a macro:DECLARE_REGISTRY_APPID_RESOURCEID. It will triger three registry entries for AppId...
  • Alex Barnett's blog

    Attention and Reading Lists

    Leslie Orchard , author of Hacking RSS and Atom: "Combining Attention.xml with my Popular Links algorithm could be a very powerful thing, methinks. Rather than waiting for my friends to tip over the laziness point to blogging about something, I...
  • Tillit till IT

    Första tänk kring dokumentformat, skriftspråk, historia och framtid

    Det händer mera än någonsin förr... Har du hört det påståendet någon gång? Personligen tolkar jag det som ett faktum. Vi är i ett läge då webben som fenomen är på väg in i nästa fas, från webbsidor till sann samverkan. XML driver på utvecklingen och det...
  • Derek Tan's Blog

    Addition of BAM Analysis after initial configuration

    In BizTalk 2004, in order to add BAM Analysis after an initial configuration without, one can use a command in bm.exe to create the BAM Analysis as well as the BAM Star Schema databases. The star schema database acts us a staging database for the building...
  • Jason Zander's blog

    IronPython Beta 1 ready to go

    I'm back from some long vacation, and got one last gift for the year in the form of beta 1! I want to congratulate Jim and team on shipping the beta, which can be down loaded here . This release represents a lot of hard work and commitment. I'm very excited...
  • Alex Barnett's blog

    Broille logo

    Google put up a very interesting colored Broille logo today, celebrating the birthday of Louis Broille on January 4th, 1809. I'm sorry, I'll just feel that again ... .
  • Gamerscore Blog

    All Your CES 2006 Coverage Belong to Us

    Hey there, everypeoples. Cesar again. I wanted to point everyone to some online spots where you can get CES coverage. Bill G will be onstage delivering a keynote, joined by my boss' boss' boss, Peter Moore. Bill's page on has a link to the...
  • Derek Tan's Blog

    Real-time Aggregation Online Window

    In BAM, instead of waiting for the execution of data analysis task to update the cube aggregations at scheduled intervals, one can define specific slices of data to be aggregated in real-time. For example, in a departmental store scenario, a store manager...
  • Microsoft Visual Studio Team Services

    Team Foundation Server Permissions

    Mike writes: "We need to configure the server to grant all users the ability to create a Team Project and manage the users of that specific project. However, a user must not be allowed to delete/modify/access a project which he or she does not belong...
  • Keith Richie

    SharePoint Reporter

    Was just made aware of this site Thought it was a pretty cool SharePoint centric aggregation site, so thought I would share.
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