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  • Do What?

    Duet Upgrade 1.5 SP2 to SP3 fails on non English clients

    The Problem When upgrading from Duet 1.5 SP2 to SP3.  The client executing the setup process fails with error message "Duet setup completed with error.  Error Code - -1." during the step of "Uninstalling previous versions of Duet"...
  • Linda Chong's Blog

    SharePoint 2010 Resources

    The public beta of SharePoint 2010 and Office 2010 will be available in November. For more resources, take a look at: - SharePoint 2010 Website - to view SharePoint 2010 in action - SharePoint 2010 forum - for SharePoint 2010 questions - SharePoint 2010...
  • Le blog des éditeurs de logiciels

    Windows Azure et les éditeurs de logiciel

    Téléchargez le livre blanc de David Chappell, en français, "Windows Azure et les éditeurs de logiciels" ! Au sommaire: I- Les éditeurs de logiciels et le cloud computing II- Vue d’ensemble de Windows Azure...
  • Naveed Bajwa's Blog

    Free Windows Phone Developer Training Kit

    Windows Phone 7 Series holds a promise to be an amazing personal mobile phone with new innovative user interface and functionality , as well as a great development platform on which you can quickly and easily build games and applications. With a...
  • Naveed Bajwa's Blog

    10 Reasons Why Microsoft Windows 7 Could Be a Huge Seller

    eWEEK By Don Reisinger April 28, 2010 Microsoft has eagerly reported that Windows 7 is selling extremely well. Although it...
  • MSDN Malaysia

    HTML 5 Resources

    Resources #1: HTML5 Labs HTML5 Labs is where Microsoft prototypes early and unstable specifications from web standards bodies such as W3C. Sharing these prototypes helps us have informed discussions with developer communities, and enables us to provide...
  • Steve Clayton

    Bing on the road

    literally…Bing on the side of a truck. In this case helping people see whether the Seattle traffic means the 520 or 90 bridge is the best for crossing Lake Washington. Love it! Hat tip to billbledsoe and Techflash
  • Satisfy Me

    Of interest: Windows Live on Nokia mobile phones

    Yesterday, Microsoft and Nokia announced a deal to get Windows Live services onto Series 60 handsets (that run the Symbian OS), then later Series 40 phones. "It's not the first sign of detente between the two companies. Nokia has for some time licensed...
  • AlwaysOn Professional

    AlwaysOn Availability Groups Troubleshooting and Monitoring Guide

    Having problems with AlwaysOn? Check out the 'AlwaysOn Availability Groups Troubleshooting and Monitoring Guide:' It contains help when trouble-shooting common availability group issues, introduces useful tools when working with availability groups...
  • Microsoft SharePoint 小組部落格

    SharePoint 2010 中的 SQL Server 2008 R2 Reporting Services 整合

    英文原文已於 2011 年 3 月 22 日星期二發佈 採用兩個功能強大的應用程式再加以整合,會產生卓越的成果,就像 SQL Server 和 SharePoint Server 一例。在 SharePoint Server 2010 和 SQL Server 2008 R2 版本中,整合的增強程度更是顯著。整合的主要優點是,讓您可以檢視、儲存並管理 SharePoint 網站或表單上的報表伺服器內容。 Alan Le Marquand 曾經寫過一篇詳細且實用的文章<搭配使用:SharePoint...
  • Shake to Develop

    Code Camp 7 Presentation

    I've had several requests for the slides I presented at Code Camp 7 in Waltham on Saturday (March 31). You can find the most recent version of the deck deck in the list of Presentations on this blog (currently located on the right hand side of this page...
  • Daniel Moth

    July's posts on The Moth

    - 33 - MSDN Flash - PLINQ - 8 random things - Better developer in 6 months - Mobile web development - Vista Contacts from managed code - Windows Mobile Security - Sidebar shortcut keys - WISP Lite - Duck Notation - Vista ComboBox - C++ Class Designer...
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