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  • Microsoft Most Valuable Professional - Brasil

    Blog oficial do Programa MVP no Brasil

    Seja bem vindo ao blog oficial do Programa MVP no Brasil, aqui você irá encontrar informações úteis sobre particularidades do programa, sobre a atuação e iniciativas dos MVPs no Brasil e informações públicas relevantes tanto para MVPs quanto ao publico...
  • Official Microsoft Partner Network Blog

    Government Partner Exchange

    A virtual event series and partner collaboration community - launching April 24, 2012 Our first virtual event series for partners gives you an overview of Microsoft in Government, opportunities and examples, and practical roadmap’s for accelerating your...
  • Der Evangelist mit dem Hut

    msdn tv – Nachrichten für Entwickler (Ausgabe 05/2010)

    Premiere bei msdn tv: im Gespräch mit Microsoft-Produktmanager Raoul von Strauss wirft Moderator Jan Schenk einen ersten Blick auf das Microsoft-Problemlösungstool „Stampede“. Die Anwendung ermöglicht eine rückwirkende Bearbeitung von Projektplänen sowie...
  • Abhishek's scattered thoughts

    Test Blog with images

    Nice picture of a phone!!!
  • Dag König

    Kanban med Team Foundation Server på 15 minuter

    Av Christofer Löf, Microsoft Det börjar ploppa upp en del verktyg på nätet för att hålla koll på sina projekt med hjälp av ett sk Kanban Board . Idén i sig härstammar från Taiichi Ohno's produktionssystem med ursprung hos Toyota. Jag dyker inte in djupare...
  • Microsoft UK Further Education Blog

    Friday Recap Post

    Check out the links below for a recap of all of this weeks blog posts. Have a great weekend. DreamSpark Student Review: Alex Furnell, University Student Are Tablets the biggest transformation in education since the internet? Windows 8 Apps to enhance...
  • Design by Expression

    Classic ou common ? choisissez le votre

  • Marc: My Words

    The Arc

    You may have already discovered Arc magazine (it’s a series of 4) which aims to describe Software + Services for Architects, but if not, you should know that apart from the physical copies, you can get the digital versions from our Architect Portal
  • Marc: My Words

    Time Flies

    It feels like only a few days since I mentioned the birth of my daughter Evan, but in fact it's approaching 2 years, and I'm approaching another bout of paternity leave for Baby v2.0. Therefore it'll be a bit hit and miss on the blogging for a month or...
  • In Japanese

    8 日間で 10 ㎏痩せるための開発者への手引き

    これは、インフォマーシャルではありません。 今年の春のほとんどの期間、私は講演旅行をしていました。この 2 週間は、MVP サミットのためにシアトルへ行き、オーランドで開かれた Dev Connections に参加してから、アトランティック シティーでマイクロソフト ヘルス & ライフ サイエンス (HLS) のイベントに出席しました。 私は、この 2 週間の半ばで体調を崩してしまいました。一種の腸機能不全、おそらく細菌性の感染症だと思います。 これにより、Dev Connections...
  • Public Sector Developer Weblog

    Building Secure GOV-LOB WP Apps

    • 0 Comments G E T F-R-E-E Phone: Tools , Devices Cloud: Tools , Account Client: WebMatrix Resources: Infokit Apps Ideas: Ideas
  • MSDN UK Team blog

    Windows 8 and Prism: Migrating a Simple Example

    In some of our recent Windows Phone events, I’ve been using an example “application” (i.e. it’s a demo, not a whole app) to try and talk about an approach to structure code such that a reasonable percentage of it is portable across both Windows 8 and...
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