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  • Visual ActiveKent Sharkey .NET SE 3.11

    Learn ASP.NET 2.0 with Jeff Prosise

    Wintellect has some of the smartest .NET people on the planet these days, and Jeff Prosise is definitely one of them. Thomas (yes, the Spider King) has sent me a set of training videos featuring Jeff Prosise, showing you the ins and outs (and betweens...
  • scarroll's Blog

    Line Coverage

    The Code Coverage instrumentation in Visual Studio is based on binary instrumentation instead of source instrumentation. The binary built from your code is cracked open and probes are inserted in the basic block so we can track whether each block has...
  • vs2005news's WebLog

    VS Core Community PowerToys

    Did you know that the VS Core team, working with the community (that would be you) are working together to create great tools for your use of Visual Studio .NET 2003 and for the upcoming Visual Studio 2005? Get more details at their page on GotDotNet...
  • Engine Watch

    shrinking database files ?

    Good reading
  • BCL Team Blog

    String.Split and and some more robust behavior [Kit George]

    We get a lot of people pointing out a fundamental design issue with String.Split: when you do your split, it actually splits at every item found, even if the items are contiguous. Now this actually is useful for some scenarios. For example, imagine you...
  • Adam Singer

    Weapon of Choice

    Here's yet another question for anyone out there using the December CTP. When you want to use version control, do you find you more often use the command line or the VS integrated client? Which would you rather use? Have you found anything lacking in...
  • scarroll's Blog

    Quick Survey: Coverage metrics

    Hey folks, I'm taking a quick survey. If you are currently using code coverage metrics in your project, which kind of metrics are you using and as a bonus, how do you decide what percentage is acceptable and are you satisfied with the metric? By coverage...
  • Matt Powell

    Recent Web Service Specification News

    We've added a new section on the MSDN Web Services Developer Center homepage called "WS Specification News". You will find it in the right hand column just below "Recent Headlines". This will provide a list of the most recent happenings around - of all...
  • Point2Share

    SharePoint and Halo mentioned in same article!

    Never thought I would see this, but SharePoint has been mentioned in an article about a possible Halo movie tie in: Can’t wait to see what google searches (or MSN Searches...
  • VolkerW's WebLog

    Microsoft calls it's HPC CCE.

    We'll never run out of three letter words. Promise. BIO-IT World calls Microsoft "The 800-lb. gorilla of desktop computing" and comments about our plans to "aggressive push into life science clusters". "The main HPC push from Microsoft will come in the...
  • tjlau's WebLog

    SMS stepping up

    Maintaining security continues to be one of the biggest issue affecting customers today. Although we have improved our process for releasing updates in a timely manner, we have not had a good track record of keeping our update deployment tools in sync...
  • Stanislas Quastana's WebLog

    Un article sur la quarantaine VPN

    Un article sur la quarantaine VPN de Windows 2003 sur le site L'article complet est disponible sur :
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