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  • John Lawrence (MSFT)

    We'd like your thoughts on the Team Foundation Server setup experience

    I can't believe that anyone reading my blog doesn't also read Rob Caron's but just in case, we've got a really important survey that we'd like you to answer in order to gather more information about your experiences of setting up Team Foundation Server...
  • Rob Caron

    Team Foundation Server Setup Experience

    The Team Foundation Server setup experience has been evolving for over a year now in response to feedback we’ve received from people like you. While we’ve made significant progress since that first release last year as Visual Studio 2005 Beta 1 Refresh...
  • Pashman's InfoPath Goldmine

    Retrieve username from logon environment.

    The following is the most common code snippet I offer to people. The original authors are mentioned in the post below. INFOPATHFAQ010124 - from the web, can you pass a users login to a form? - 8 Comments - stephencummins...
  • Pashman's InfoPath Goldmine

    More advanced training available online.

    So, if you are beyond the basics on XML and are ready to get your hands dirty, this series of labs available on the MSDN site is very good. I especially end up sending people to Lab 15, which does a very good job of showing how InfoPath can reach into...
  • Moustafa Khalil's Space

    Business Process Workflow and Integration Conference

    During the week of October 3rd we had a Business Process Workflow and Integration Conference here in Microsoft's main campus, Redmond. I staffed the Windows Workflow Foundation cabana and the Hands On Labs. I had the pleasure of meeting a lot of partners...
  • Microsoft's JobsBlog

    How are we doin'?

    Time for my periodic “reader pulse check.” Based on previous reader feedback, JobsBlog introduced new faces to the crowd , re-focused the relevancy of our posts toward job-seeking tips and/or working at Microsoft, and (hopefully) continue to offer you...
  • Engine Watch

    Link: SQL Server 2000 Build Chart

    This could be pretty useful: a build chart lists all of the known KB articles, hotfixes and other builds of SQL Server 2000 that have been released:
  • Mike Stall's .NET Debugging Blog

    Update to Iron Python MDbg sample.

    Shawn Farkas just let me know that the latest Iron Python 9.3 release breaks my Iron-Python Mdbg sample : So the 0.9.3 release breaks the mdbg extension – the fix is pretty quick though. When creating the streams to redirect stdin, out, and err...
  • Marco Dorantes' WebLog

    I like it even more!

    There is one thing that I like even more than writing code and that is: the code were be useful for somebody. This is just another aspect of good design, to elegantly and efficiently solve user’s problems. Hence the need for systematic methods of...
  • Mark's Tech Blog

    New 'Office 12' User Interface

    The new UI is a pretty exciting addition to Office. It revolutionizes the way we will do our information work. The age old problem of 'Where do I find that tool or option' has been removed with new contextual tabs. Microsoft did some market research and...
  • The Feedback Loop

    Connect Update

    Things have been pretty hectic the last week or so, but I promised myself (and you!) that this blog would be updated as frequently as I could manage, so I'm sticking to that. I've been working on the specifications and now the code for the upcoming...
  • Stan's WWWeblog

    Can't think of a title...

    It's been a crazy last week or so. 30 or 40 enterprise Microsoft Operations Manager users just arrived to get a look at v3 of the product. I'm sitting in a room with them right now as they are getting a presentation from the MOM product team about new...
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