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  • Bing it on

    (This Title has only got blanks and tabs and spaces...)

    I knew someone would stand up one day for the rights of those poor old whitespaces . Such a pleasure to see that someone has taken the time and effort to come up with the first whitepace-friendly programming language , aptly named, " Whitespace " (please...
  • Nelson Araujo's WebLog

    Determining missing updates from command-line output

    Here is a quick tip on how to quickly script MBSA 2.0 to filter and show only the missing updates. But before start using it, note that using a script to parse the <UpdateData> nodes is a far better idea because of the richness of the information...
  • Noah Horton's WebBlog

    PNRP Climbing in the News

    Well, PNRP has now made VNUNET . So, like all articles, there are a few things good and a few things bad about it. The first thing is that I want to apologize to the world that there was not more MS comment in the article. Unfortunately, the nature of...
  • Bing it on

    Putting Mapping on the Map

    Seems like the world of mapping is just exploding. Now we have a bunch of stuff coming out with Virtual Earth , including this cool integration of the world of digital photos and mapping by Nikhil Kothari with his PhotoMap . And if that doesn't get you...
  • IEBlog

    URLs in Internet Explorer 7

    Internet Explorer 7 includes a new URL handling architecture known internally as CURI. The new optimized URI functions provide more secure and consistent parsing of URIs to reduce attack surface and mitigate the threat of malicious URIs. When designing...
  • Esperpento


    I suspect that I have managed to set a record for the longest silence after an initial blog post. Except, that is, for all the people posted once and never came back . Like all poor students, I do have some excuses. I was on vacation in Alaska, an...
  • DC's .Net Client Blogs

    Data Binding - What are NullValue and DataSourceNullValue properties?

    Are you confused about what is NullValue and DataSourceNullValue properties on the Binding class? Are you confused about how Binding behaves when formatting or parsing when either of these is set? If you answered YES to any of these above then read on...
  • Brad Abrams

    .NET Framework 2.0, SLARvol2 and FDG

    With the SLARvol2 and FDG being published very right around the time that the .NET Framework 2.0 (“Whidbey”) is shipping people are naturally asking about how applicable these books are to .NET Framework 2.0… The short answer is very applicable. ...
  • atmosphere - the developer blog of Bernard Wong

    Help start up a .NET user group in Santa Barbara

    OK, I've been soliciting for interested parties in the SoCal edition of the MSDN Flash newsletter since almost forever, it's finally time to get things started for Santa Barbara's very own .NET user group now that Visual Studio 2005 and SQL Server 2005...
  • GerardoDada

    Imagine Cup photos

    Sorry, it took me a while - after coming back from 3 weeks on the road for the Sales & Marketing event and the Imagine cup , as you can Imagine (no pin intended), I had a million things to take care of. Finally, here are most of my photos of the event...
  • A SQL Server Blog

    DTS/SSIS and debugging mysterious relational engine deadlocks

    Over the last few days I've learnt a lot in how to debug SQL hangs thanks to Sunil from the SQL Server engine team. For one of the customers last week, the problem seemed to be that their DTS2000 package worked great with SQL2000. However, upgrading...
  • Live Search

    Extending Your MSN Search Toolbar

    Hello Everyone! After a lot of hard work from the people here and our partners you can now see local Weather reports in the MSN Search Toolbar. Just download our brand-new Weather Add-in and you’ll be able to view a three day forecast at a glance with...
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