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  • Dynamics AX Manufacturing R&D Team blog

    Supply chain excellence in manufacturing

    Today I had the opportunity to take part at a Master Class on Supply chain management with Professor Martin Christopher from Cranfield University, Bedford, UK. The master class was hosted by Implement Consulting and the attendants were coming from all...
  • Paul Cornell

    Autofocus: Dissecting the Instructions #2 - A Stand-Out Action

    In this series of blog posts, I'm going through each step of the Autofocus instructions... "Go through the page more slowly looking at the items in order until one stands out for you...." Don't begin mentally prioritizing the list of undone items...
  • Peter Kirchner Online

    CeBIT 2013 - Vortrag Windows Azure Mobile Services vom 09.03.

    Wie Sie sicherlich mitbekommen haben, fand letzte Woche in Hannover die CeBIT 2013 statt. Wie es üblich ist, ist der Samstag der CeBIT etwas lockerer und man kann/darf/sollte die Themen daher auch mal lockerer und unterhaltsamer darstellen. Ich hatte...
  • Ferglo


    Nuestro estimado MVP Pablo Peralta nos comparte el artículo: HOW TO GET THE SQL SERVER DATABASE OF AN ORGANIZATION? What happens if we want to know exactly which SQL Server Database corresponds to each organization ? Normally their names...
  • Ferglo

    Webcast TechNet: SQL Server 2008 Novedades para DBAs

    Nuestro buen amigo Eduardo Castro nos comparte esta invitacion a este excelente webcast. Webcast TechNet: SQL Server 2008 Novedades para DBAs Los invito al WebCast que estaré impartiendo este jueves 22 de marzo. Este Webcast se enfocará...
  • Brian Harry的中文博客

    Azure IaaS上的Team Foundation Server

    [原文发表地址]  Team Foundation Server on Azure IaaS [原文发表时间]  2013-02-02 5:37 AM 最近很多人问我是否我们支持 Azure IaaS 上的TFS。事实是我们其中一些人已经设置和在 IaaS 上使用它了,但我们从来没有真的正式测试它。我最大的问题是性能。我们刚刚完成了运行一些性能测试。以下是我们得到的结果: TFS config Model CPU Memory Disk Active TPC Dual server...
  • Microsoft mener

    Tilbageblik på 2011 og smugkig på 2012

    Læs Bjarne Dollerups- it-evangelist hos Microsoft Danmark - tilbageblik på vores lanceringer og opdateringer i 2011 og hans tanker om 2012 her .
  • Windows Embedded Blog

    Spotted in real life: Windows Embedded making life a little easier for patients

    Posted By Steve Dunbar
    Windows Embedded Lead, Northern Europe

    My experience of seeing doctors is vague and somewhat negative, due to me being a typical bloke who services his car more often than he visits his doctor. I recently had no choice, though, and booked an appointment through the antiquated phone-booking process. The appointment was duly scheduled (after trading a few calls--it’s easier to get tea with the queen!). The day arrived, and I ventured into my local clinic to seek out a sage-like doctor to alleviate me of my man-flu symptoms.

    I entered the clinic expecting to give my key ID details to the receptionist, and then take one of the multi-colored numbered disks from the wall (representing each doctor and where you were in the queue) and wait my turn. But to my surprise, the disks had very recently been replaced by several devices. I was ask to tap details into the digital display touch-screen by the entrance. The display was running Windows Embedded with an ISV app that linked my name and doctor directly to another Windows Embedded digital display screen in the waiting room. Not quite an intelligent system, but on its way to being one.


    Comments Windows Embedded Standard

  • Daniel Kloyber - SharePoint & More

    Creating a team diagram with PowerShell and Visio

    Some time ago we had this big EMEA wide team meeting. Every team manager had to present his team, so a few days in advance we all got this email saying that we should send some pictures over so we make a good impression. We all have some pictures setup...
  • Communications Sector Conversations

    Photobucket on Windows phone – Case Study

    Leading Photo Sharing Site Drives Revenue by Solving Camera-Phone Dilemma Taking pictures with a camera phone is easy. Getting those photos off the phone so you can do something with them, however, has proven to be prohibitively difficult for many...
  • Communications Sector Conversations

    Summary of PDC 09 Announcements

    Here’s a quick list of announcements made at the PDC 09. Public Beta of Office 2010, SharePoint Server 2010, Project 2010, Visio 2010, Office Web Apps, Office Mobile Earlier this year Microsoft introduced the technical preview program for Microsoft Office...
  • blog

    Monitoring SQL Server's Disk Subsystem

    After you have your disk subsystem running for SQL Server and that computer is deployed into a production environment, how do you know you have the subsystem configured correctly? Monitoring of course! If you monitor by using Windows Performance Monitor...
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