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  • jfo's coding

    Jim and Windows Media Visualizers in WPF

    Jim Galasyn never ceases to amaze me with what he's up to. It seems this week it's writing visualizers for windows media in WPF .
  • GerardoDada

    Security and prescriptive guidance for developers

    Microsoft publishes a very interesting resource that many developers are uynaware of, which we call Patterns and Practices . These are Microsoft's recommendations for how to design, develop, deploy, and operate architecturally sound applications. Patterns...
  • GerardoDada

    More relevant information on MyMSDN

    If you are one of the three people in the world who read my blog (besides my mom)you know I am a big advocate of making it easier for developers to find useful information and news on MSDN online. One way of improving relevance is through personalization...
  • Mike Poulson's Thoughts on lots of stuff

    various regkeys for the HTC Tornado/Faraday based smartphones

    There are a few regkeys of interest for some people. These are known for the tornado and faraday based smartphones (like my Cingular 2125). If you have an EDGE phone and EDGE service is available in your area but you never see the "E" icon (only...
  • One Louder

    What do I need to know about where I am going to be?

    I just realized that I booked myself a trip a month over the next 5 months. That's a lot for a goofy home-body like me. Next week: an offsite in Las Vegas February: Silicon Valley recruiting trip with the BMO March: On a panel at the ERE in San...
  • One Louder

    What a relief, I'm not a geek

    Just a poser. via Neville Hobson
  • Monad

    Single Shell vs Custom Shell

    With Monad Beta 3 release, we've introduced the concept of the "single shell". What is a single shell? "One shell to rule them all ... and in the darkness..." (Sorry I can't stop saying that quote everytime I hear "single shell"!) Well rather than having...
  • Quan To's Visual Studio Extensibility blog

    VS 2005 or Framework 2.0 install hangs

    Thought I posted this before but can't seem to find it. I'm sure I've written it a few times in the newsgroup forums though. Basically, during your installation of VS or the .NET Framework, the installation may hang. We've discovered that some third...
  • HealthBlog

    Healthcare IT or Not: No excuse for bad service

    I applaud my colleague Michael Millenson for shedding light on a very important topic in HHN's January 11th, Most Wired On-Line Magazine , " A Patient's View of Health IT ". I referenced my own family's horrible healthcare experience in an earlier post...
  • Virtual Earth & MapPoint B2B

    MSN Local Search Beta Using VE

    We all know how cool Virtual Earth is and the integration MSN Local Search has made it more than just a mapping site - it's Windows Live Local for crying out loud! But, this effort was aided from the MSN Local Search team who was using MapPoint Web Service...
  • My 00000010 cents

    Single-Instance Console Apps

    A question was posted on a MSDN VB forum about how to get single-instance behavior in a Whidbey app when your startup object isn't a form. The IDE application designer doesn't accommodate this scenario. But you can get single-instance behavior in situations...
  • Alex Barnett's blog

    Slashdot is far from dying

    Joshua Allen puts one myth to rest : "Slashdot is far from dying ...the site still wields an enormous amount of influence. That's because it's been around so long, it's been big, visible, and influential for so long, and their purpose is provide...
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