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  • Antimail

    More news on holographic storage

    Forget the Blu-Ray vs. HD-DVD battle. Think H-ROM. At CES, InPhase gave more hints on this technology in collaboration with Hitachi Maxell Ltd: InPhase will be the first company to deliver a holographic product for professional archive applications...
  • Tom Miller's Blog


    Although it is probably a mistake, I've put my Xbox Live Gamertag on my blog page. Despite my potentially obvious bias, I'm quite pleased with the new console. For all of you still waiting to get theirs, if it makes you feel any better, I just got mine...
  • Feng Yuan (袁峰)

    Seven Year Itch

    Seven years ago, I was working for Hewlett-Packard on its inkjet printer drivers. Having worked on printer drivers for a few years, I felt that I knew something about GDI that other developers would like to know too, and more importantly I wanted to everything...
  • MSBuild Team Blog

    How To: Use the AssemblyInfoTask With Source Code Control

    Several people have written our feedback alias with problems using the AssemblyInfoTask when the projects are under source code control. When the files are checked in the AssemblyInfo files are read-only, and the task fails with an error that the file...
  • Microsoft Excel 2010

    PivotTables X: Server formatting, translations, member properties

    In this post I’ll walk you through three Analysis Services features that we now support in Excel PivotTables – server formatting, translations, and member properties. One thing to keep in mind as you read is that since all these are defined in Analysis...
  • Solutions Monkey

    Getting ASP.NET version used by IIS Web Site

    It is easy to get the ASP.NET version installed at the machine level. But it took me some time to figure out ( with the help of others , of course) to get the ASP.NET version used by a given web site in IIS , since side by side is supported by .NET and...
  • Outside The Cube

    Treo 700w available through Verizon...

    You've probably seen this by now... But I'm thinking this will finally be the device that makes me trash my circa 2000 Spaceneedle ;-),1895,1907978,00.asp
  • Outside The Cube

    MIIS: Security Considerations Guide...

    "The MIIS documentation team is pleased to announce availability of the MIIS 2003 Security Considerations Guide. This guide discusses security considerations for different elements of an MIIS 2003 deployment. It presents potential security issues related...
  • Loosely Coupled Thinking

    A Workflow Manifesto

    A Workflow Manifesto...
  • All things tech

    Windows Mobile 5.0 Security Model FAQ

    Windows Mobile Team Blog : Windows Mobile 5.0 Security Model FAQ . Although not for everyone, its definitely an interesting read for people who are Smartphone/PPC junkies such as myself. Specifically if you decide to write your own applications, you may...
  • Tasks and Time Management in Outlook

    The Daily Task List: Tasks on the Calendar

    Part of efficient time management is making time for one’s tasks. To help our customers get an accurate view of their time commitments, we have added the Daily Task List in the Calendar. Outlook 12 Calendar The Daily Task List sits below the main...
  • Jim Hugunin's Thinking Dynamic

    We're hiring full-time and summer interns!

    We’re looking for a few exceptionally talented individuals with dynamic language experience (Python, Ruby, PHP, JavaScript, etc.) to come join our efforts to make the Common Language Runtime (CLR) the world’s best platform for dynamic languages and dynamic...
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