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  • robgruen's WebLog

    Playing Smart Devices...

    Well, the main project I was working on suffered a minor setback when the HDD on the box died. Until that get's settled I get to work with a smartphone on a cool little project. Unfortunately the smartphone also had it in for me. :) I got the following...
  • Eric Jarvi

    Migrating from VC6 to VC8

    Two people have asked me this in as many days and I finally found the right link. Let's hope search keeps improving. But anyway if you are a C++ developer still plugging away on Visual C++ 6.0 and wondering what the pros and cons (AKA "pitfalls") are...
  • Mike Flasko's Blog

    Listening for Network Address Changes

    In version 2.0 of the .Net Framework, we added a new namespace under System.Net called NetworkInformation. Among many other goodies, one can use this namespace to listen for IP addresses changes on the host. The code below listens for addresses changes...
  • Brian Groth's Life at Microsoft

    New approaches to sales and marketing strategies

    When writing a business plan you of course need to think about your Marketing Strategy and Sales Strategy. The Chase Market Velocity blog has an interesting and useful way of looking at traditional approaches for marketing and sales strategies compared...
  • One Louder

    What happens when your target customer doesn't care about your product

    I'm going to talk about this from the perspective of a staffing tools vendor because I'd be a target customer and I have some experience in the area (as a user). I guess it all starts with blogging, actually. When you are a relatively successful blogger...
  • Eric Gunnerson's Compendium

    2006 goals, and bicycle coaches

    I was reading Fatty, and he talked about his goals for 2006 . So, I thought that I'd talk about mine, and perhaps give him a bit of advice... I've decided on my bicycle goals this year. My big rides are going to be: STP One-day (July 15th) I...
  • Anandi’s Thoughts

    My experiment with Windows Media Encoder, part II

    Thanks to Zhan, who is an awesome troubleshooter, for letting me know it was better to use CBR (constant bit rate) rather than VBR (variable bit rate) to compress the file. That worked fine. And the new file size is about 20% of the original. After another...
  • Man vs Code

    Dirty Sql

    David Heinemeier Hansson , the man behind Ruby on Rails , has the best take yet on O/R Mapping frameworks and SQL: But Isn’t Sql Dirty? Ever since programmers started to layer object-oriented systems on top of relational databases, they...
  • NathanA's Mostly Web Services Blog

    Changing defaults for WSE's builtin token managers

    There's examples of this in the documentation , but I've found it to be a useful and not necessarily intuitive technique. Say for interop purposes the X509SecurityTokenManager needs to use RSA15 instead of RSAOAEP and the EncryptedKeyTokenManager should...
  • No Spin Architecture

    Different Versions of Visual Studio 2005

    About: This post contains an updated illustration that describes the various versions of Visual Studio, I have edited the picture to include the recenly announced Visual Studio for Database Professionals Hello everyone, I have created a product...
  • Jay's blog on text-to-speech (Now Defunct)

    Deskbot adds cool animations with text to speech

    I recently found an article describing the Deskbot which is one of the cooler text to speech reader programs available IMHO. Oh, and it's free! (BTW, does your TTS engine correctly readout the string "IMHO" as "in my humble opinion"? -- it should). (BTW...
  • Working the Spoken Word

    Talk (to your) Radio

    Nice news from VoiceBox Technologies (just around the corner in Kirkland, WA), who are currently on the front page of CNET News announcing a deal with XM Satellite Radio to "let drivers issue voice commands to search through XM Satellite Radio's 160 channels...
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