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  • Point2Share

    The SharePoint Group Blog

    Really excellent news….. Lawrence Liu just pointed out that the SharePoint team have quietly launched a “Group Blog” modelled on the “ IE Blog ” where we can expect some excellent information directly from the Product Group. The first couple of...
  • David Notario's WebLog

    New job!

    Another long time without posting anything. This time due to changing groups!!! Once we had wrapped Whidbey up, I spent some time thinking about what I would like to do next. One of the good things about Microsoft is that it is a huge company, you can...
  • Gamerscore Blog

    Team Building

    Busy week, sorry for the delay in posting for a few days. My team has been at an offsite in sunny Las Vegas. A few that were here for CES last week stayed the weekend, and they tell me they’re totally ready to get home! So what does a typical Xbox...
  • Nothing ventured, nothing gained

    C++ object for activating and Deactivating Contexts

    As explained earlier , the activation context system is implemented as a per-thread (or per-fiber) stack. Activating a context pushes the context onto the stack, deactivating it pops it from the stack. To ensure that the same sequence of pushes and pops...
  • Mike Stall's .NET Debugging Blog

    Debugabbility with Roundtripping Assemblies

    I've gotten several questions about debugabbility IL round-tripping. Round-tripping is where you decompile an app (perhaps via ILDasm), potentially edit the IL, and then recompile it (perhaps via ILAsm). This is the backbone for rewriting an assembly...
  • GroupBoard Blog


    こんにちは、GroupBoard 開発チームです。 だいぶ遅くなりましたが、本年最初の GroupBoard Blog ですね。今年もよろしくお願いいたします。 さて、今回はある方面からのリクエストにお答えして、GroupBoard サイト上でグラフ表示にチャレンジしてみたいと思います。もう少し言えば、普段の業務に使っている MS Access のファイル (.mdb) 内のデータを Web上でリアルタイムにグラフ表示してしまおう、という内容です。これでサイトの見栄えもよくなりますし、データ閲覧のためにユーザーが自然と毎日サイトにアクセスするようになるので...
  • Ben Armstrong

    Castles under Virtual PC

    Here is a game that I have not played in a long time. Castles is an interesting game - where you take the position of a medieval king who needs to spread his control over the local area. In this game you need to carefully balance money, food, labor and...
  • CodeJedi.NET

    Telerik blog

    Support staff from Telerik are now blogging, check out there new blog
  • search.subscribe.share in outlook 2007

    Instant Search - Part 4: The New Search Lexicon

    Search before Outlook 12 Search in Outlook 2003 had many issues that prevented users from taking full advantage of it as a primary means of interacting with their mail data. The Find UI was not visible by default, and most users did not know how...
  • Aaron Stebner's WebLog

    NextGen Home at CES 2006

    I found a link with a nice write-up of the features of the Next Generation Home that was located across the street from the Central Hall at CES 2006 this year. The home was located near the exhibitor's registration tent and the Yahoo tent where Tom Cruise...
  • Brian Groth's Life at Microsoft

    Problem Solving, the McKinsey Way

    The McKinsey Mind explains how McKinsey & Co . use a fact-based method of problem solving based on the following steps. The following is my interpretation of these steps: What’s the problem? Identifying and isolating the core problem, which...
  • Windows Embedded Blog

    SumoSPOT at MEDC 2006 ?

    Remember the delegate parties from the last two years Mobile and Embedded Developers Conference (MEDC) events and the awesome Sumobot competitions ? Anyone interested in taking part in a Sumo competition at this years MEDC ? Would it be absolutely...
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