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  • Adrian Ford on XPS et cetera

    Know Someone Smart? XPS is Hiring!

    Are you interested in digital documents and the challenges (and responsibilities) of defining how a product like Windows helps to bridge the world between physical and electronic paper? I guess you wouldn't be hear reading this if you weren't :-) So I...
  • My Tech Journey


    This is the obligatory introduction. I am Lingesh. I am a member of Expression Blend Team. I have been working with this team for little over 2 years now! My blog will primarily focus on explaining the intricacies of the product that I am working on....
  • Steve Clayton

    UK roadshow shows Vista sideshow

    We have a small surprise for those people registered to attend our Business EVOlution Roadshow next week around the UK - we've managed to lay our hands on a Windows Vista machine sporting sideshow. For those who don't know what this is it's a small LCD...
  • Jason Langridge's WebLog - MR Mobile!

    Forget the lg chocolate phone....

    One of my german colleagues forwarded this to me as a piece of Friday humour :) It's the Marziphone! :) It's available now at a discounted price of 9.95 euros. That's pretty good value for a qwerty smartphone ;)
  • 元 MVP リード 小板公一のブログ

    Trainer - コミュニティ活動の一例

    Face to Face の情報共有の中でもかなり集中的に実施されるのがトレーニングではないでしょうか。技術者向けのトレーニングは一日から三日間程度集中的に実施されることが多いと思います。 Trainer とはトレーニングにおいて参加者に技術的な説明をしたりハンズオンラボを実施して実際に操作などがわからない場合に指導したり��疑応答に対応したりするユーザーを指します。 マイクロソフトでも mses やパートナー様向けの mstep にてトレーニングをご提供させていただいております...
  • Dan's Blog

    Custom Reports in SQL Server 2005 SP2

    We introduced a cool new feature in SP2 of SQL Server 2005 that lets users access their own reports from within Management Studio. This adds tremendous value to the environment letting users create custom views. People have started using this feature...
  • SQL Programmability & API Development Team Blog

    Knowing about 'Forwarded Records' can help diagnose hard to find performance issues.

    Imagine a customer using an ISV application that stores certain product information in a varchar(200) column in a SQL Server database table. When the system was first being used nobody ever entered a product description with more than 10 characters. However...
  • Windows @ Brasil


    Para elevar a execução de um aplicativo no VISTA (Administrador), selecione o ícone do mesmo e pressione CTRL+SHIFT+ENTER;
  • jaredpar's WebLog

    LUA + MSI + Luanch program now on Vista

    I'm a huge fan of the LUA support in Vista. It has it's quirks but it's a major step forward for Windows programming. As a former *nix guy I've had to run LUA the hard way before Vista. The support in Vista is tons better than it used to be. There...
  • 元 MVP リード 小板公一のブログ

    Community Organizer - コミュニティ活動の一例

    コミュニティを維持、運営していく上で参加者のモチベーションを維持したり定期的な活動を実施することは非常に重要なことです。私がコミュニティを学ぶにあたって読んだ本にも実際に活動する人をどのように発憤しコミュニティを活性かさせるかがコミュニティにとって重要な事として紹介されており、手間を惜しまず直接話を聞き今後の活動の要望をまとめたり、定期的にメンバーが意見を交換するように働きかけるなど Community Master 以外のコミュニティのキーマンの必要性が書かれていました。 Community Organizer...
  • NikolajW

    En tid til at kigge frem (og lidt tilbage...)

    December er typisk en tid, hvor alle går i gang med at evaluere året der er gået. I Microsoft er cyklussen noget anderledes da vores finansår går fra juli til juli. Men det betyder selvfølgelig at det i stedet er tid til at stoppe op og se på de ting...
  • Harry Pierson's DevHawk Weblog

    LINQ + WAP == Coolness

    I never really missed Web Application Project support in VS05 until I realized what I could do with it. I've been experimenting with LINQ and wanted to be able to use it in a web application I'm prototyping. Under the file system model, there's no easy...
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