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  • Especialistas técnicos da Microsoft

    Windows 8, Windows Server 2012 and SQL Server 2012 support in previous System Center products

    We get a lot of questions regarding support for Windows 8 and Windows Server 2012 in the previous versions of our System Center products, and while this information is published in the TechNet Library it’s fairly spread out and at times difficult to find...
  • Bing Ads API

    Microsoft Advertising adCenter API Version 6 Will Sunset on September 30th, 2011

    As of September 30, 2011, adCenter API Version 6 will no longer be supported in the Sandbox or Production environments. If you are still running adCenter API Version 6, we recommend that you begin upgrading as soon as possible to give yourself time to...
  • Japan Dynamics CRM Team Blog

    Dynamics CRM 2013/Fall '13 フォームのアクティブ/非アクティブステータス

    みなさん、こんにちは。 今回は Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2013 および、Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online Fall '13 で提供されるフォームのステータスについて紹介します。 情報元 : Form Activation\Deactivation state 概要 Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011 より、各エンティティは複数のフォームを 持てるようになり、フォームセレクターによる切り替えの他、ロール別...
  • Plankytronixx

    Windows Azure AD goes in to General Availability

    We knew it was imminent but they managed to get it to General Availability (GA) last night. Great to now think that all those directory tenants can now enjoy full support. Win dows Azure Active Directory Premium is also available in preview. It’s built...
  • Meng-Ru Tsai's Blog

    Project Siena: 非開發者也能打造 Windows 8.1 App

    [本文完全不涉及程式開發,請慎入] 微軟最近上架了一個 “Project Siena” 的 Windows Store App ,讓沒有開發經驗的人也能快速發揮自己的創意,透過類似操作 PowerPoint 或 Excel 的方式,輕鬆打造出一個 Windows 8.1 App。有點類似之前針對 Windows Phone App 之 AppStudio 的做法,提供了更簡易入門的 App 製作方式。讓使用者能更專注於創意及內容的展現,開發出專屬自己、並且能支援平板觸控使用的 Windows Store...
  • Microsoft All-In-One Code Framework

    [Sample Of Dec 20th] How to localize Windows Forms application

    Sample Download : This code sample demonstrates how to localize Windows Forms application. You can find more code samples that demonstrate the most typical programming scenarios by...
  • Heavily Caffeinated

    Azure Development with VMs with Azure SDK 2.3 and Update 2 RC

    A new era of developing and testing in the cloud is upon us! (Well I may be exaggerating a bit) For a while now Microsoft has been working on improving our Develop and Test experience of web apps for all of our Azure cloud developers out there....
  • NETNew WebLog

    Stephen Elop Interview on

    Interesting perspective from Stephen Elop on how Microsoft can get stronger during the downturn, as reduced resources can breed focus, creativity, and lean operations.
  • Microsoft PixelSense Blog

    A peek at SecondLight

    Microsoft is showing off cool tech from Microsoft Research at the annual TechFest. Microsoft Research's SecondLight project first made the rounds back at PDC in October when it was presented on-stage. Then we reported a month ago on Stimulant's XRay ...
  • MohamedG's Log


    To understand conflict types please read this article on MSDN . In this post I’ll focus on conflicts that need you to manually merge the files. Let’s rule out binary files first because TFS doesn’t compare them, and doesn’t store deltas of them, it stores...
  • (Noticias + Desarrollo)*Microsoft

    Workshop de Authorization Manager(AzMan)

    Hola a todos, en esta oportunidad quiero compartir con Ustedes nuestro Workshop de la semana sobre Authorization Manager (AzMan). Para esta ocasión Steven Lewis, Gerente de Rosen Technology and Research Colombia nos va a compartir las siguientes temáticas...
  • 元 MVP リード 小板公一のブログ

    2009 MVP Global Summit 無事閉幕しました。

    先週開催された Global Summit が無事終了し本日から時差ボケと戦いつつ日本で通常業務です。 参加された MVP の皆さんからは英語でのコミュニケーションでいくつか大きなチャレンジがあったものの各セッションで興味深い情報が得られた、直接フィードバックすることで問題を理解してもらえた、などの感想もいただけ、様々な経験を通じて良い成果を得ていただけたのではないかと思います。 MVP Global Summit はおそらくマイクロソフトの中でキャンパス *1 で開催する個人を対象とした最大級のイベントではないかと思います...
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