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  • The Galactic Patrol

    Adam Smith and the Navy

    Looks like the U.S. Navy is thinking about taking a more “market-based” approach to operations: “…To keep skilled sailors in the service -- which entails keeping their families happy -- Navy officials put some of those...
  • The Galactic Patrol

    Freeze, sucker! and drop that download!

    I recently discovered David Isenberg’s blog , and while surfing it I ran across a pointer to this cartoon that sarcastically pans the RIAA copyright crackdown.  My wife Gina is the lawyer in the family, so I’ll defer to her for the...
  • The Galactic Patrol

    Code Name: "Avalon"

    I noticed this link to Wesner Moise’s comments on Microsoft’s “Avalon” technology, to be debuted at PDC.  I’m certainly no Avalon expert, but I’ve been to their internal web site, and saw a demo once.  This is killer stuff.  Not wanting...
  • Robert A. Wlodarczyk's Blog (MSFT)

    Thank you Chris Sells!

    I would like to thank Chris Sells for the invitation to have me demo my Photo Album XML Web Service at the Applied XML Developer's Conference that was held over the past two days. Also, I'd like to thank him for organizing this wonderful conference! Good...
  • Kirk Evans Blog

    More Love for Paul

    DGG and Wally are showing Paul some love. Selfishly, don't share the love too much for Paul... we are hoping to hire him soon!  (And if this creates a race for him, then all the better for Paul!)
  • Randy Holloway at Microsoft

    Russell Beattie: "Sun Gets It Together"

    Is anyone else *astounded* by the announcements coming out of the Sun Network event in San Francisco? I really am. From what I've heard and seen so far, Sun is really doing what it needs to do to both change their business model and communicate (read...
  • Constanze's Mobile Musings

    New CodeCast Episode On Windows Mobile Dev Community has been Posted Online

    A couple of weeks ago, I had the great opportunity to meet with Ken Levy , President and cofounder of MashupX , LLC and former Community Program Manager for Visual Studio Extensibility at Microsoft. Ken and I had a chat about the Windows Mobile developer...
  • Microsoft Learning | Imagine Cup

    Ready for Windows 7?

    Erwin, Joanne and I have been running an internal build of Windows 7 for months, and we LOVE it. So I'm thrilled that the Release Candidate is finally being made public! The final, official product won't be out for a while (I don't actually know when...
  • Azure Stream Analytics Team Blog

    Achieving Geo-Redundancy with ASA

    Currently Azure Stream Analytics does not provide automatic geo-failover but you can achieve geo-redundancy by deploying identical ASA jobs in multiple Azure regions. Each job connects to a local input and local output sources. It is the responsibility...

    .NET Week ~ .NET テクノロジを語る 1 週間 ~ を開催します

    先日公開になった「.NET テクノロジ ガイド日本語版」(詳細は こちらのブログ投稿 をご参照ください)をベースに、さまざまな .NET 開発をテーマにしたセミナーイベントを 10 月 21 日 (月) ~ 10 月 25 日 (金) に開催します。 .NET Week ~ .NET テクノロジを語る 1 週間 ~ 最強の鉄人 エバンジェリストが、.NET を冠して伝えまくる至極の 1 週間 (凄いサブタイトルだ・・・) 詳細・お申込みはこちらから↓
  • Team Individualism

    Office 2007 Service Pack 2

    Office 2007 SP2 has been released. Download links for SP2 Why should you deploy this service pack as soon as possible? Outlook is much much much faster Startup Removes lengthy operations from initial startup. Shutdown Makes Outlook exit predictably despite...
  • We know IE!

    What is this new thing called “Group Policy Preferences” and what does it mean to Internet Explorer?

    Hi everyone!   Axel Rivera here with some details in the areas of Group Policy that is effecting Internet Explorer. In October 2006, Microsoft acquired DesktopStandard Corporation, a developer of Group Policy–based enterprise desktop management software...
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