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  • Jan-Olov Eriksson

    Windows SharePoint Services 2.0 SP2 beta

    Windows SharePoint Services kommer inom en snar framtid med ett service pack 2. För er som undrar vad det innehåller tänkte jag nämna några av huvudpunkterna i WSS SP2, som just nu är i beta. WSS SP 2 kommer att ingå som en komponent i den kommande...
  • HeeJae's Blog

    COM object destructor 두번 부르기

    오늘 blog 읽다가 흥미로운 post 발견. 함 읽어 보시길... 저희 팀에서 몇번 격었던 일이라, 혹시 같은 문제를 격으신 분들은 참고 하시라고 ... 이 Post 자체에는 ComPtr에 국한 되서 써있는데 사실 AutoRef 매카니즘을 이용하기 위해 SmartPtr를 사용하는 경우 그리고 SmartPtr와 더불어...
  • MHender Rambles On

    Bonus Post: Robert Freakin' Plant!

    So I usually focus my blogs on technical stuff, but I thought I would post this anyway... Saturday my wife and I were out cruising on the Harley when we decided to stop off at one of our favorite restaurants in the Belltown area of Seattle, The Noodle...
  • The Old New Thing

    COM object destructors are very sensitive functions

    If you try to do too much, you can find yourself in trouble....
  • Jensen Harris: An Office User Interface Blog

    Dialog Launchers

    A common question I hear: "Are there dialog boxes in Office 12?" The answer is a definite "yes." Dialog boxes remain a part of the Office 12 user interface, and many of the "tried-and-true" dialog boxes from past versions of Office remain untouched...
  • Satisfy Me

    The SDL Process: it's a good thing

    I received a link (thanks, Jonathan) to this post titled "Subvert from Within: a user-focused employee guide" on the Creating Passionate Users blog. I'm not sure that I characterize these customer-focused focus points as subversive . (BTW, a good "top...
  • Bill O'Brien's WebLog

    Microsoft Certified Architects

    [Fixed the broken link] I'm speaking at the Irish Computer Society's innagural meeting of the IT Architects Network. The event is free to all and I will be speaking on the new Microsoft Certified Architect Program which I know many of you are interested...
  • Steve Cook's WebLog


    I'll be flying to Aarhus for JAOO this evening. On Thursday, Alan Wills and I will be giving a tutorial about Software Factories .
  • Bill O'Brien's WebLog

    Podcast for Archs

    Has it really been two months !!! Sorry about that. I've been on my holidays, but more importantly I've been to PDC. I'll be blogging about my take on the new technology previewed over the next few weeks. For today, my colleagues on the Architecture...
  • Buck Hodges

    VSS converter for TFS beta 3

    Akash Maheshwari , PM for the source control converters for TFS, has posted a set of articles on using the VSS converter with TFS beta 3 . You'll want to check that out if you are converting from VSS, because that's the most up-to-date source of information...
  • Richard Godfrey

    VS2005 and SQL2005 Launch - with free software if you're quick

    You may have heard about a few little get-togethers we've been planning in November to launch a couple of new products... Visual Studio 2005 and SQL Server 2005. Why not join us at the launch parties, meet some of the Microsoft folks and get to grips...
  • Alex Barnett's blog

    the evolution of Office UI

    Jensen Harris has posted his first post in a series of, er, posts relating to the new Office UI . "...the roots of the early Microsoft Office programs were rooted in the Mac and of course, the user interface reflected that. As the Mac's first...
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