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  • Nothing ventured, nothing gained

    Making an MSM from whole cloth – Series Intro

    Not too long ago, I was asked to provide a set of merge modules for an external team. The restriction was that they could accept an exe whose output was the merge module in question, and it had to generate stable – based on the content – component IDs...
  • Eric Lee - A Humble Blog

    Merging conflicts in Team Foundation Server Work Items

    I'm working with a colleague in Europe who is trying to put together a Team Foundation Server proof of concept (POC) demonstration. One aspect of that POC brings to light a feature in Team Foundation Server that has been a little overlooked lately. ...
  • AprilR's Blog

    On My Way to PDC05

    I can't tell you how busy we have been over the past few months, back in building 41, getting Visual C++ 2005 ready to go. It is always at this late stage in the game where complex issues and interesting bugs find their way onto our collective plate and...
  • Engine Watch

    SQL 2000: stored proc recompile

    Old article but still very useful:;en-us;243586
  • Engine Watch

    SQL 2000: what to do if tempdb grows to be very big

    Unless your workload changed significantly, shrink file is not going to help you because tempdb will just grow back if a query needs that amount of free space. So a better way is to identify the query and try to optimize that, maybe by adding an index...
  • CarlosAg Blog

    See you at PDC

    See you at PDC...
  • Thom Robbins .NET Weblog

    The Visual Studio Hosted Experience

    I had a chance to play with some of these labs the other day and was really impressed. Basically, they are a free form three hour hosted trial and labs. These are just a few of the ones that are available – Java to .NET Framework Migration...
  • Anandi’s Thoughts

    Learning to fly

    I got a new laptop today! A TabletPC, to be more precise. Being a pen and paper kind of person, I knew I wanted one when they first came out, but being new to my team, ended up with my manager's old Dell while he got a new TabletPC. So far the learning...
  • Bing it on

    Commerce Server 2006 in the news

    Looks like Commerce Server 2006 is getting some news coverage here and here . Things are warming up nicely - get ready for a fabulous Beta release coming up in a couple of months.
  • Mahjayar's WebLog.

    One more System.Net tester starts to blog

    One more tester from System.Net test team Jon cole has started blogging . He starts with a good post on what HTTP 100 continue is and how to use the ServicePointManager and ServicePoint class lets you control it.
  • Adventures In SoftwareLand

    Hurricane Katrina - Take Action

    Tonight when I got home from work I was once again struck by the extent of the suffering caused by Hurricane Katrina and our response to it. As a Microsoft person, and in particular a Microsoft person working on our PDC which starts next week, I've been...
  • Brad Abrams

    And now the phone on your desk can run .NET too...

    Check out the new release from Verizon… Verizon One is a “super” featured desktop phone that runs the .NET Compact Framework… I wonder if they let you develop for the thing? It would be cool to write a RSS...
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