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  • A Good Reputation

    Identity and Access article of the Week - ABC: An Introduction to ID Management

    This article was helpful. It's a nice primer on ID management. The core objective of an ID management system in a corporate setting is this: one identity per individual. But once that digital ID has been established, it has to be maintained, modified...
  • De los medios y de lo digital

    PowerPoint es una red social

    O eso dicen. El motivo es la integración que se ha hecho con un servicio llamado SlideShare , algo así como un Youtube para presentaciones.  Han integrado el formato pptx para que se convierta automáticamente al modelo de datos del servicio web 2...
  • De los medios y de lo digital

    Silverlight 2.0 – lanzada versión para desarrolladores

    La versión se llama Release Candidate 0, y ya tiene código completo. Dicho de manera práctica, la RC0 se lanza exclusivamente para desarrolladores que quieran lanzar algún desarrollo en la versión final. Esta es la primera versión que está completa en...
  • Inactive Blog

    MOSS 2007 & WSS3.0 October 2010 CU Released

    MOSS 2007 & WSS 3.0 October 2010 CU are now ready for you to install . + WSS 3.0 October CU Full -Server-Package >> > + MOSS 2007 October CU Full -Server-Package...
  • BenkoBLOG

    AJAX Components Webcast

    Today's webcast will be talking about the components that make AJAX work. Specifically we'll look at doing 2-3 demos including showing how you can debug client side scripting from Visual Studio 2005. It will be a lot of fun, and as usual I've posted the...
  • Stephen Cohen's Thoughts on Agile and Project Recovery

    Our Team, Our Environment, and Our Customers

    Our first exercise is to do a little compare and contrast review of our team, our environment, and our customers. All three are critical elements for any project without regard for the under lying process. Many projects fail when the team lacks the specific...
  • German Microsoft Dynamics NAV Developer’s Blog

    STX Dateien – Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2015 CU 3

    Durch die Microsoft Social Listening Implementierung (MSL) wurden die STX Dateien in dem CU 3 geändert. Cumulative Update 3 for Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2015 (Build 39368) Es wurde 00215-02770-200-0: SocialListening eingefügt. Aus diesem Grund müssen Sie...
  • Microsoft Azure Guide


    • 0 Comments The list is updated regularly with new supported workloads.
  • iwdemos

    Developer Demo and Labs Version 2


    This SharePoint demonstration Content Pack provides the content and scripts to support a demo based on the SharePoint 2010 developer introduction session presented on numerous occasions by Mike Ammerlaan, Paul Andrew, and others. It also includes a set of hands on labs for learning SharePoint 2010 development.  It is intended for use with a specific Virtual Machine listed in the Installation & Setup section.

  • 長沢智治のライフサイクルブログ

    BPStudy #63 で TFS の講演します ~ 今を生きる開発者のための TFS

    BPStudy さんにて Team Foundation Server (TFS) のセッション講演を行う予定です。 BPStudy #63 私の講演のほか、浅海智晴さんの Scala の講演もあります。 私のセッションの内容は以下の予定です。 第1部 Team Foundarion Server - 今を生きるエンジニアのための開発基盤とは ■発表者 日本マイクロソフト エバンジェリスト 長沢智治 / Twitter: @tomohn ブログ: 長沢智治のブログ ■内容 バージョン管理、バグトラッキング...
  • Windows Embedded Blog

    Virtual Kernel Mode Debugging

    A while back I discovered that it was possible to do kernel mode debugging of an OS on a virtual machine (VM) running under Virtual PC using a single computer. Even if you are not concerned with debugging a device driver, kernel mode debugging can be useful for debugging applications on Windows Embedded Standard when a failure occurs in the system rather than the application itself. I have personally used this technique to verify that a Windows Embedded Standard runtime OS has at least began the boot process. I highly recommend the following book for more information on debugging: Advanced Windows Debugging (Addison-Wesley Microsoft Technology Series), by Mario Hewardt, and Daniel Pravat.

    Typically for kernel mode debugging, we use two physical devices with a null modem cable connected between the serial ports. In Virtual PC, we can create a virtual null Mmodem cable between the development machine and the Target VM using Named Pipes.

    The steps below will walk you through how to setup and begin kernel debugging from a development machine running WinDbg (available here) and a Target VM running a Windows Embedded Standard runtime OS.


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  • Blog de andygon - Microsoft PM

    Disponibilidad de las versiones Trial de Expression 3

    Blend + SketchFlow : Design : Encoder ...
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