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  • Windows Installer Team Blog

    How do I launch a browser after my install completes?

    Question How do I launch a browser after my install completes? Solution Please have a look at the MSDN topic: Using a Custom Action to Launch an Installed File at the End of the Installation Key Custom Action Snippit from Tutorial.cpp from Windows...
  • Windows Embedded Standard (Standard 7, Standard 2009, XPe...)

    Kaspersky Anti Virus sample component for XPe

    Before Computer Associates released their componentized version of eTrust for XPe, I had completed a proof of concept AV component. My intention was show our customers that it is possible to deploy AV software to Windows Embedded devices and have the...
  • Microsoft XML Team's WebLog

    XmlSchema and XmlSchemaSet

    Stan writes about Walking XmlSchema and XmlSchemaSet objects
  • Tom Hollander's blog

    Scott spills the beans...

    While I was taking a (hopefully deserved) break in Alaska last week, Scott has splilled a bunch of the beans on what to expect beneath the covers in Enterprise Library for .NET 2.0. Expect to find out a lot more on my blog as well as his over the coming...
  • Stan Kitsis

    Walking XmlSchema and XmlSchemaSet objects

    I’ve seen a number of newsgroup posts asking how to find a particular element or how to get a list of all elements from either XmlSchema or XmlSchemaSet objects. Since we don’t provide this functionality in the framework, you need to manually traverse...
  • jfo's coding

    Keeping your UI Responsive and the Dangers of Application.DoEvents

    What’s the difference between Application.Run and Application.DoEvents? Application.Run continually processes window messages for your application, raising events as necessary. Application.DoEvents processes all the window messages in the queue until...
  • Bryan's Blog

    SMS Inventory Tool for Microsoft Updates Pre-Installation Guide Available

    In anticipation of the upcoming release of the Systems Management Server 2003 Inventory Tool for Microsoft Updates, Microsoft has released a Pre-Installation guide that can help customers prepare their SMS environments for the new tool. As an add on to...
  • Bryan's Blog

    SMS Patch Status Views and Reporting

    With the release of the SMS Inventory Tool for Dell Update and the upcoming SMS Inventory Tool for Microsoft Updates, SMS introduces a new set of PatchStatus and PatchState classes known as the Extended classes. These are denoted by the "Ex" suffix. Microsoft...
  • A View from Elsewhere

    To The Screaming Children (You Know Which Ones I Mean)

    Dear Kids, I want to thank you: You are how I know summer is here. You see, when summer is here, your parents let you into the back yard so you can play. You sound like you're having so much fun! You will be out there for hours, running around and...
  • Kam VedBrat

    MTP Support comes to Rio Carbon!

    Yay! Rio Audio has support for MTP now for the Rio Carbon ! I gotta try this!
  • MikePelton's WebLog

    DirectX Matrix Multiply

    Just in case it's driving you nuts too, I've just rediscovered something. I'd be happy to be proved wrong, but I've been drawing pictures of axes for an hour now (sad, I know), and I'm satisfied I'm right. You might imagine that... Matrix m1 = ...
  • Visio

    Visio ActiveX あれこれ

    Visio Drawing Control の詳細を、というリクエストをいただいたのでこちらを… 1 クライアントでの利用が前提 Visio Control は基本的にクライアント アプリケーションでの利用が前提で、サーバー用のコントロールではありません。ただ、SharePoint の Web パーツに挿入することで擬似サーバー用アプリケーションとすることは可能です。Web パーツで使う際には、アクセスするユーザーの PC に Visio がインストールされている必要があります。でないとコントロールが初期化されず...
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