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  • Getting the word out!

    dotProfiler by JetBrains

    The good people over at JetBrains has released a profiling tool called dotProfiler . While I have not had a chance to use the tool myself, I do currently use the ReSharper product for VS2003 and I have to admit there are several features I really like...
  • Visio

    Visual Studio 2005 Beta2

    TechEd でも少し触れましたが、Visual Studio 2005 Beta2 の Windows フォームに Visio Drawing Control を挿入する場合はあるオプションをオフにする必要があります。 プロジェクト設定のデバッグ タブ内の一番下に [Visual Studio host process debugging] というチェックボックスがあります。これは既定でオンになっていますがこの状態だと Visio Drawing Control の初期化に失敗してコンパイル エラーが出てしまいます...
  • Antimail

    Puzzle: a little geometry problem, and a sequence question

    This is not really a puzzle, but a real geometry problem. Let's take a random triangle (ABC), and let's assume that the angle bisector from A intersects BC in the point D. Proof that: AD ^ 2 = AB * AC - BD * CD Here is the figure, drawn in MSPAINT...
  • Antimail

    IE7... feels different

    I like IE7. A few days ago, being too brave maybe as usual, I decided to instal it on my dev box and in a few days I succeeded to develop dangerous addictions for several things. First, on tabbed browsing (pretty fast given that each IE window is a separate...
  • Solutions Monkey

    Microsoft Message Queue - An Introduction

    In this series I would like to introduce you to MSMQ history, key concepts, dwell into painpoints, suggest workarounds, and give an insigth into to future. What is MSMQ? MSMQ enables Asychronous communicaiton between two different applications....
  • Mike Stall's .NET Debugging Blog

    Deriving from TextReader

    TextReader is an abstract base class that represents reading a textual stream. It's like an enumerator for characters (IEnumerable<char>). Common derived classes in the frameworks include StringReader (which presents a string as a text stream) and...
  • Marcelo's WebLog

    Watching Westworld, Windows Vista

    So, I've finished watching Westworld , again. With robots, action, and that grainy old-movie look, it's always super-enjoyable. A great classic, and a great reminder on why having a Real Time Clock (RTC) battery is a good idea, as long as it only keeps...
  • Direct Reports

    Brave Noise (Why was my hair green?)

    It's been over three weeks since I've added a blog entry. You may wonder why I have "gone dark". The fact is, we have been very busy putting the final touches on SQL Server 2005. This point in the product development cycle is exciting, heartbreaking,...
  • Brad Abrams

    Page Proofs for Design Guidelines book complete!

    Oh, what a great day… I * just * finished doing the final page proofs for the design guidelines book that Krzysztof Cwalina and I have been working on .. it has been a long road, but this thing is almost in the bag. Doing page proofs is always hard for...
  • Brad Abrams

    CLR team having an impact down-under

    Good to see the CLR team’s trip down-under is having an impact … Not just long days in the pub ;-)
  • edjez's WebLog

    Backwards Compatibility and Enterprise Library and all patterns & practices assets -What's the deal?

    Hello. How are you? Enterprise Library for VS.NET 2005 will have API and configuration changes compared to the latest versions (January/June). So will other blocks and a lot of the rest of the guidance....and you should expect this. er...Is that a...
  • Russell Christopher's Semi-Useful BI Musings

    SQL Server Integration Services: Sometimes BCP is "good enough".

    Today I sat in on a SSIS performance tuning "chalk talk" given by Ashvini Sharma at TechReady, an internal technical education event. Ashvini mentioned that when loading relatively small amounts of data into SQL (he characterized small as < 1 GB),...
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