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  • A.J.Anto's WebLog

    Join me in the chat!

    Hi all, My team which is involved in the development of DHCP service is preparing for a upcoming chat session titled: Configuring and Deploying DHCP with Windows Server 2003, Part 3. Date: 3/3/05 Time: 9:30 – 11am PST. Join us to discuss tips, techniques...
  • The Old New Thing

    Two brief reminiscences on the Windows XP "Comments?" button

    The influence of local comedy programs on Windows XP....
  • Pascal Belaud

    DevDays 2005 - Présentation de l'équipe

    A J-4 des DevDays 2005 , il est temps de vous décrire comment un événement de cette importance est organisé. Tout d'abord pour arriver au bout de cette aventure, il est nécessaire de former une équipe transverse de manière à posséder dans celle-ci...
  • Fabio Santini

    Quando è destino...

    Da una anno a questa parte ho aggiunto al messanger un ragazzo che si chiama come me , e si , Fabio Santini. Pensavo che l’unico Fabio Santini fosse il giornalista di RTL ma non ricordo per quale motivo (forse è stato lui a contattarmi) sono...
  • Omar Shahine

    MSN Remote Record

    MSN just keeps on cranking out goodness . Along with the Media Center folks, the Information Services folks collaborated to produce MSN Remote Record for Media Center 2005 . It took my 5 min to download, install, add my wife's passport as an additional...
  • A.J.Anto's WebLog

    All about DHCP vendor classes and user classes.

    Fundamentally vendor classes were introduced to re-use the option id’s in a vendor specific way. Since these are options specific to a given vendor and their scope is very limited to that vendor, it cannot afford to have a option in the list 1-255 as...
  • Brian Goldfarb's Blog

    European Roadshow -- get the slides and intro code

    As I've promised in Madrid and Prague, and will continue to promise :), here is a link to get the slides from the European roadshow presentation and also a snapshot of the application built during the intro part 1 / part 2 talk. For those of you who were...
  • JRoxe's WebLog

    Interesting Commentary

    Richard Grimes posted his final column in Dr. Dobbs the other day. Dan Fernandez replied to part of it in his blog and I also found Scott Swigart's reply on some of the VB comments interesting. What do you think?
  • Ivan Joseph's WebLog

    Kit Dispatches have started

    Exciting! The kits have started being dispatched so in the course of the next few days we hope that all of you will get your kits. Some of the project descriptions we have received are extremely interesting - can't wait to receive the others. Cheers!...
  • Ivan Joseph's WebLog

    Blogging about your work

    Hi!! Since a lot of you have started work on your projects, it'd be great to know how you are doing - perhaps you could blog about your progress as Mike Hall suggests in his blog. I will provide a link to your blog if you do so. Hope those who haven't...
  • Federated Infrastructure

    Security Misunderstandings in Federations

    What does it mean to have a secure environment? Is it proper authentication and access controls? Freedom from viruses and worms? Availability? Acceptable disaster recovery? Freedom from human error? Data integrity? I would argue, and I would assume most...
  • Ben Armstrong

    A simple script to backup a Virtual Server

    A common question is how to quickly and easily backup a virtual machine under Virtual Server. There are a number of ways to do this - each of which have their own advantages and disadvantages. Today I am going to show you how to have a simple script that...
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