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  • .NET Banana

    Hiring an ISV DE

    I see from the web site that we currently have an open slot for a developer evangelist (DE) to work with independent software vendors (ISVs.) You can apply here . This job is based in Washington, DC.
  • Man vs Code

    XSD gripe 2 – DataType hell

    I know I am just the latest in a long line of people to “comment” on this subject – but I just wanted to give my two cents. I appreciate the fact that the XSD designers wanted to vastly enrich my datatype life. But why come up with a bunch of built-in...
  • Ben Armstrong

    Does it meet the bar?

    When the team moved up to Microsoft from Connectix one thing that was quickly evident was that there were a number of 'cultural' differences between the two companies. This was highlighted by the fact that when we started the entire program management...
  • oliverlu's WebLog

    MSN Deskbar Clip

    String appData = System.Environment.GetEnvironmentVariable("APPDATA"); TextReader tr = File.OpenText(appData+@"\MsnDeskbarShortcuts.ini"); while (tr.Peek() != -1) { String shortcutLine = tr.ReadLine(); if (shortcutLine.ToUpper().StartsWith(shortcut.ToUpper...
  • .NET Banana

    Consumer Sites

    Pharmacy Shopping
  • One Louder

    Work...a great break from vacation

    Taking that week and a half off was harder than I thought. I just can't do that again and not go somewhere sunny. I get pretty antsy over a long weekend without some kind of project to work on. I really was not in the mood to do a bunch of projects over...
  • Stephen Kaufman's WebLog

    The Rules Engine and Repeating Elements

    I have found a scenario with the rules engine where the defaults in the Rule Composer do not produce the desired results when dealing with a node that contains repeating elements. The XML document that I was dealing with had the following structure. <Package>...
  • oliverlu's WebLog


    年底了,我们也来一个 SPS2003 相关资源大放送: 界面个性化: 看看他们漂亮的站点,你会惊叹:原来 SPS 可以做得这么漂亮! 编程资源之 SDK: SharePoint Products and Technologies 2003 SDK
  • Windows Embedded Blog

    The big framework (Uwe Keim)

    Uwe Keim posted the following comment to my “Dumber” post. But if I think about the future, I fear that we (the developers) are slightly loosing bit for bit of our knowledge to the "big framework author" (like e.g. Microsoft) and some day...
  • .NET Banana

    Serialization and It's Importance: Columbia, MD, Tuesday, January 4th

    Sahil Malik points out that when we write object-oriented programs, we represent the real world by using objects. In order to transport or store the objects, we need to convert them to some form of representation. Most often, this is done by serializing...
  • Andy Pennell's Blog

    DVDs in 1080i, from a network share: Nirvana

    I have moved this posting regarding the beta 2.0 software for the Roku HD1000 to my personal web site at ControlAV . Sorry for the inconvenience.
  • Betsy Aoki's WebLog

    Turn of the tide

    So 2004 winds to a close. The devastation in Indonesia and Thailand beggars description (despite all the news commentators, who still find ways to talk about something that just leaves me speechless). Advances and retreats in medicine are announced every...
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