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  • One Louder

    My Brand: she tells the truth and she answers mail

    Last week at the CareerXRoads Colloquium, Mark Mehler (someone who gets it) asked me (I kid you not): "you are the one that gives candidates feedback, right?". My response was something along the lines of "yeah that's me and I hope I am not the only one...
  • VolkerW's WebLog

    Couple of notes from Paul Ottelini’s IDF keynote earlier today

    He announced the encounter of new interactive elements for industry events like IDF: Birds-of-a-feather, Chalk-Talk and Think Tank. All sounds like stuff we do at TechEd and many other software events for quite some time. Welcome to the new Intel. The...
  • MSDN Online Media Blog

    MSDN Webcasts Mascot – Now Appearing at PDC ‘05

    We’ve always known developers are superheroes. If you’ll be at PDC this year in Los Angeles, stop by the MSDN Webcasts booth in the Microsoft Product Pavilion (booth #32). We are unveiling our MSDN Webcasts mascot in L.A., and will be giving out little...
  • John R. Durant's WebLog

    VSTO: Changes to Application Object

    Today, Eric Carter blogged about Small Changes: VSTO host item and host controls & InnerObject . Basically, whereas key classes in VSTO used to derive from Microsoft.Office. Interop .<whateverapp>.<whateverclass>, they now do not. Going...
  • Larry Osterman's WebLog

    Larry goes to Layer Court

    Two weeks ago, my boss, another developer in my group, and I had the opportunity to attend "Layer Court". Layer Court is the end product of a really cool part of the quality gate process we've introduced for Windows Vista. This is a purely internal...
  • Windows Embedded Blog

    CEFileWiz updated...

    I've just updated CEFileWiz to support the following. Set the location of multiple files at the same time Deal with long filenames (including spaces) in the BIB/DAT files Let me know if you have any comments, or suggestions for future updates...
  • Eric Jarvi

    VoiceComments //make your code speak out

    One of my ISV buddies is looking for beta testers for a new voice commenting system they are developing. The idea being you can attach a microphone and then leave a voice comment describing your code with a special comment tag totally integrated inside...
  • craigrow

    Great article describing Longhorn, a.k.a. Vista, setup and deployment

    Paul Thurrott's Super Site for Windows is one I think I've liked to before. Today I discovered this excellent article . It is a bit old, but a good description of the basic feature none the less. The one thing I noticed that has changed, the LDT is now...
  • Thom Robbins .NET Weblog

    Programming Indigo by David Pallmann

    Get two free chapters of what looks to be a great book on Indigo Chapter 3: The Programming Model In this chapter, David Pallmann describes the Windows Communication Foundation (formerly code name "Indigo") programming model for building service...
  • Thom Robbins .NET Weblog

    Free E-Learning SQL Class

    Course 2939: Programming Microsoft® SQL Server™ 2005 This course is a technically deep learning experience for architects, systems engineers, systems administrators, solution developers, and application developers. The course is designed for people...
  • Virtual Earth & MapPoint B2B

    MWS Urban Insets

    It's expected that MapPoint's Web Service serves up maps from around the world, but when you want to get down to street level you are limited to the countries for which MapPoint has street level data . . . or are you? Today, MapPoint's Web Service has...
  • Owen Allen - The MOSS Garden

    CorasWorks workshop for Sharepoint Development

    CorasWorks is coming to the Seattle area to deliver a workshop about SharePoint development using their webparts. This is a full day workshop covering design patterns and bext practices for SharePoint development. Check the web site for more details ...
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