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  • Windows Mobile Tips & News

    Write a novel in a month?

    Last month was NaNoWriMo. That's the National Novel Writing Month. Ordinary people, who are a little 'out there' write a 50,000 word novel in one month. In order to keep disciplined, some of the participants have used PDAs to write their novel. The...
  • Gamerscore Blog

    Neil Thompson Addresses Supply Question

    Neil Thompson (Xbox's Senior Regional Director, Northern & Eastern Europe) and Stephen McGill (head of Xbox UK Marketing) were interviewed in a podcast today by the Guardian . I've worked with these guys before, and I agree with Aleks Krotoski that...
  • manish godse's Application Insights and remoting blog

    What's new in remoting 2.0

    Now that .net Framework 2.0 is released -- a list of new features in remoting is in order. Following is a list of new features added to remoting: 1. IPCChannel: A new channel based on named pipes form x-process (same machine) communication. Its more...
  • MSDN Online Media Blog

    Event and Webcast Notifications is here!!!

    What a nice way to end a week. This is just released from the team. The new Event and Webcast notification is here! Based on customer feedback, Jennifer Walts and Angela Brobst have worked with the team to add a events and webcast notification...
  • Chris Smith's completely unique view

    Programatically determining where the Bootstrapper packages are

    If you would like to know how to programatically locate the Bootstrapper package location (if you were developing an installer for your custom package for example). Check the following registry key: HKLM\Software\Microsoft\.NetFramework\sdkInstallRootv2...
  • One Louder

    Cut and paste...stop!

    Lately, I've noticed people cutting and pasting content off my blog and publishing it on their own blog. That's stealing and I don't like it. I'm totally OK with people quoting me, linking to me, etc., etc. But when it is obvious that someone is cutting...
  • Microsoft and Oracle Applications and Technology Platform

    Siebel Customer World Video Blog

    At Siebel Customer World, the Microsoft | Siebel Alliance Team sat down with several Siebel Product Managers and Microsoft Solution architects working with Siebel to talk about Siebel Component Assembly on Microsoft .Net, Siebel Office Integration and...
  • Gamerscore Blog

    Back (Compat) to the Future

    I had a quick chance to talk to David Reid , who sits down the hall from me here at Xbox. Dave’s one of the people here that oversaw backwards compatibility for Xbox 360 – and I had a few questions for him. John and I are seeing some of the same questions...
  • Krzysztof Cwalina

    Channel 9 video showing a real usability study

    Channel 9 just posted a video in which our API usability engineers talk about one of the studies they conducted recently, but what’s even more interesting, in part two of the story, they show a clip from an actual study where a participant writes a workflow...
  • Alex Barnett's blog

    RSS / Podcast Hijacking

    Top Tech News: "Extortionists now have a new type of victim to pick on: podcasters. U.S. podcaster Eric Marcus has fallen prey to a hijacker who has diverted his really simple syndication (RSS) feed and is allegedly demanding money to release it...
  • PeteL's Blog

    Web Color Swatches

    One of the hardest things about making websites look good is getting colour swatches that work. So, I'm going to start throwing some out there that you can use in your web pages. These are colors that typically work together, you may need to mute some...
  • Rob Caron

    Team Foundation Server Setup Experience Redux

    The Team Foundation Server setup experience has been evolving for over a year now in response to feedback we've received from people like you. While we've made significant progress since that first release last year as Visual Studio 2005 Beta 1 Refresh...
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