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  • Pranav ... Blogging

    Accessing database in a secured way from InfoPath ?

    The real issue which exists here is, InfoPath xsn file is a combination of XML files with is finally nothing but somthing that is very readable, so even if you create a secured database, and in the connection string you provide the user name & password;...
  • UK StudentZine Blog

    Rough landing... - The 360 Saga: Part 2

    Good afternoon, news from the front. After last nights late night queuing for X-Box 360 we have come back empty handed. Our initial aim was to try get two X-Boxes but the demand far out-weighed the supply! Following is a pictorial timeline of the...
  • Alex Barnett's blog

    Attention as a 'long-haul tool for understanding my own progress in the digital realm.'

    'Oook' listened to the 3-part Steve Gillmor and Dave Winer AttentionTech podcast and reflects: "Attention is much more multifaceted, being both multidimensional and volatile too: from week to week and over months my attention is assigned to many...
  • Alex Barnett's blog

    Internet addiction is a 'real phenomenon'

    Smart Mobs : "In Pennsylvania there are even "cyberwidow support groups" for partners of those having online affairs, treatment for addiction to auction site eBay and behavioural counselling to help clients wean themselves off the web. Internet...
  • Euan Garden's BLOG

    March of the benchmarks continues

    Just because we have shipped and launched (well in some of the world) SQL Server 2005 RTM does not mean we stop improving the system and working on benchmarks. The SP1 benchmark window has opened up so the first of the new marks have been published. ...
  • RunOfTheMillBlog

    Building Colloborative Solutions Content released

    We have been running a series of Architecture Workshop under the theme of 'Solution Architecture Series'. The idea behind the SA series is to create a workshop that is focused on building a specific type of applications - for example, apps like typical...
  • Moj mali spletni dnevnik

    64-bitni procesorji

    Prijatelj pred odločitvijo za nakup novega računalnika, me je spraševal o 64-bitnih procesorjih. Sem mnenja, da ni smiselno hiteti dokler ni dovolj 64-bitnih gonilnikov in programov. Sicer je ta objava namenjena vsem, ki razmišlajte o 64-bitnem računalniku...
  • AppDev: Something You Should Know by Irena Kennedy

    SYSK 20: Testing UserControls without writing a line of code

    In VS2005, you can test a user control using a tool called UserControl Test Container. If you have a control library project in VS, you can hit F5 and it will launch the Test Container. The Test Container allows you to select the control you want to...
  • Spot the Bug!

    1 inch of snow equals 100% panic!

    For those of you that don't know, Seattle doesn't typically get snow. Sure, it snows in the mountains and keeps us snowboarders and skiers happy, but the city is fairly mild. It actually snowed today in Seattle, Redmond, and surrounding cities, and people...
  • Dominic Watts

    Useful add-in to MSN Search toolbar - phishing filter

    If, like me, you have had your computing life changed by the MSN toolbar then you may also be aware of some of the add-in programmes available to this wonderful solution. Today, I got a toast that asked if I wanted to install a Phishing Filter add...
  • David Wang

    One Year Blog Anniversary

    Ok, I am a real sucker for all things sentimental, such as Anniversaries. One year ago, I made my first blog post, a huge script code snippet that illustrates some frequently misunderstood concepts. Never mind the fact that it was not until four months...
  • Bill O'Brien's WebLog

    The Vista is fine when the Momentum is good

    Thanks to the members or Momentum for the opportunity to speak about Windows Vista last week. I was asked to follow up on some questions. Sorry for the delay but it took me a while to get to them. As I researched these areas it really brought home to...
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