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  • Eugenio Pace

    VB6 -> VB.NET

    Evolving applications in VB6 to take advantage of .NET. That's one of the topics for patterns & practices. See EdJez's blog for more details. He's written an excellent summary of it.
  • Devhammer on MSDN

    Attempting Delegation in ASP.NET?

    You may want to check out a two-part Webcast series tomorrow and Friday that discusses the subject: MSDN Webcast: Getting Delegation to Work with IIS and ASP.NET: Ins and Outs of Protocol Transition (Part 1 of 2) (Level 300) (Thursday, Feb. 10th, 1-2pm...
  • TS Tidbits

    Microsoft to Acquire Enterprise Anti-Virus Security Provider Sybari Software

    On 2/8/2005 Microsoft Corp. announced that it has signed definitive agreements to acquire Sybari Software Inc., a leading provider of security products that help more than 10,000 businesses worldwide protect their messaging and collaboration servers from...
  • Dare Obasanjo's WebLog

    We're Hiring

    The team I work for at MSN has open developer and test positions. Our team is responsible for the underlying infrastructure of services like MSN Messenger , MSN Spaces , MSN Groups and some of Hotmail . We frequentlu collaborate with other properties...
  • IEBlog

    February IE Security Updates Released

    Yesterday’s security updates for February 2005 include two critical updates relating to Internet Explorer: MS05-013 – has a fix for an issue with the DHTML edit control (CAN-2004-1319) MS05-014 - Cumulative Security Update for Internet Explorer These...
  • Dariusz quatscht

    BYOF (Bring Your Own Food)

    Last week I gave talks about ADO.NET 2.0 and Indigo at an mysterious conference* by Munich. I met Christoph , Peter and Klaus and together we enjoyed this grandiose speakers lunch. Of course, just speaker had this great lunch, while all other attendees...
  • Sean McBreen's WebLog

    Strengthening our Security Story – Edge and Gateway Antivirus

    We are serious about improving security for our customers – first with the acquisition of Giant an antispyware product and now Microsoft has acquired Sybari Software. Sybari is a leading provider of enterprise-class edge and gateway antivirus security...
  • Blog :: CharlieO

    HowTo: AutoSync Podcasts in Windows Media Player 10

    I've been wanting a way to do this -- and Sean took the time to write up the instructions for all of us. Download & HowTo: AutoSync Podcasts in MP10
  • All About Interop

    Common Sense on Interop

    Just saw Ted Neward's 5-page brief on Java and .NET Interop (from 2004)
  • annotated in parsing


    Yesterday, I was so pleasantly surprised by a product, that I actually went and got all my colleagues, and showed this to them. I was installing Virtual PC for the first time, and when it came time to configure my first virtual machine, a dialog asked...
  • Dare Obasanjo's WebLog

    MSN Spaces Tips and Tricks

    Abbie, who is one of the coolest MSN Spaces users around, has a posted a collection of links to various posts showing how to get extra mileage out of MSN Spaces. Check out her post MSN Spaces Tips, Tricks, Gods and More . Some of my favorite links from...
  • The Old New Thing

    The dangers of filtering window messages

    Thinking through message pumping....
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