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  • Jeff Seagard's Blog

    Webcast: Using the BizTalk Rules Engine

    Check out my BRE Tips, Tricks, and Best Practices Webcast , now available on-demand on the Microsoft events site.
  • Phil's Blog

    Network Direct Training Video Posted to Channel9

    Check it out here:
  • Singapore Independent Software Vendors

    Partner Tech Day Dec. 11, 2007

    For those who are interested in the slides for Partner Tech Day held last Dec. 11, 2007 you can download the slides here:
  • UK Academic Team Blog

    Take the XNA Game Studio 2.0 Survey

    You seem to have taken very well to XNA Games Studio Express; many of you have attended events, requested Getting Started DVDs (I still have some left if anyone else wants any), have introduced it to students and into the curriculum and have been enthusiastic...
  • knom's developer corner

    Funny VB-LINQ MSDN Manual

    While browsing around in the MSDN library, I stopped at a funny page about LINQ in VB 9 ( ) It's an eyecatcher, isn't it - but at least they're really explicit in their samples ;-)
  • Alan Cameron Wills - Domain Specific Languages

    Frequently Asked Questions

    There's now a DSL Tools FAQ , which I've pulled together from the multifariouse Q&A on the DSL Tools Forum over the past few months. Thanks to all the questioners and answerers.
  • xinyan's WebLog

    some resources on smart device custom control

    In the past few months I gave a talk in MEDC 2005, did a web cast in MSDN and wrote an article in All these are about creating custom controls for .Net Compact Fraemwork in Visual Studio 2005. The following topics are coverred: - Why you...
  • Jan-Olov Eriksson

    Nästa version av SharePoint

    Många kunder har frågat om vad som händer i nästa version av Sharepoint Portal Server (SPS) och Windows Sharepoint Services (WSS). Hittils har det varit svårt att hitta någon som helst information kring det. Men nu under PDC 2005 så verkar det som en...
  • frankarr - an aussie microsoft blogger

    PDC05 Day 3

    The news doesn't stop. Day 3 of the PDC continues to be action packed Day Three Announcing: Microsoft Visual Studio Tools For Applications VSTA heralds new era in .NET application customization, enabling ISVs to better meet end user needs. Premium...
  • UK StudentZine Blog

    Vista Gadgets

    by Ben Coley I don’t know about you guys, but I love Windows Vista. Amongst other things, it offers powerful performance, stability, security and a rich User Interface (UI). Part of this new rich UI is the Windows Vista Sidebar; a place on the side...
  • Writing ... or Just Practicing?

    Oending Letters


    Oh dear, could it be that my brief career as a documentation engineer is about to come to an abrupt and unexpected end? Has my recent sin been so dreadful that I will be thoughtlessly cast aside, and once again reduced to wandering aimlessly around conference circuits and local dev shops with all my worldly goods in a shopping cart, trying to scratch a living by talking and writing about enterprise software architecture? Next time you see a sad and lonely figure dressed in a grubby (but geeky) T-shirt and scruffy jeans, clutching the tattered remains of a book on design patterns in one hand and a seriously out-of-date laptop in the other, spare a thought - it might be me.

  • Deviations

    Are you a terminating process? Then please pay the toll…

    Recently, I had the chance to participate in a performance review of a Line of Business application which dynamically creates portable document files (PDF, in short) which are then sent to the web user over the wire. The process of PDF creation has several...
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