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    Introducing sys.dm_io_virtual_file_stats

    One of the tasks that every SQL Server database administrator for ENOVIA V6 needs to accomplish is the performance monitoring of database data and log files. Often, a DBA needs to understand the performance of their disk I/O and needs something that can...
  • Sreedhar Pelluru's Web Log

    SSIS Sample: Cleanse and Curate Master Data

    This sample implements a simple EIM scenario by using SSIS, DQS, and MDS technologies together. The SSIS package in this sample cleanses the input data it reads from an Excel file against the Suppliers DQS knowledge base and then identifies and removes...
  • Jared Bienz's Blog

    Got Blog?

    Tonight I got the Ms-PL license included in the solution and used my License Injector app to insert a stub in each .cs and .Xaml file. I also updated the About screen to show the new project information. Yesterday I had a chance to talk with David Hill...

    Interview : Stratégie Open Source de Microsoft

    Au cours de cette interview , Sam Ramji, Directeur stratégie plateforme et Open Source de Microsoft, revient sur le positionnement de Microsoft vis-à-vis de l' Open source, le rôle de son laboratoire Open Source, les licences Open Source MS-PL et MS-CL...
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  • A Good Reputation

    The Laws of Identity

    Kim Cameron has done some nice high-level thinking about identity protection on the Internet. His title is Chief Architect of Identity at Microsoft. He has worked at Microsoft since 1999. His paper, The Laws of Identity (PDF), provides a glimpse into...
  • Divagações IT em Português

    Como desenvolver extensões para o STSADM

    Nos últimos tempos têm-me surgido algumas solicitações para optimizar alguns processos operacionais do MOSS, nomeadamente ao nível de automatizar algumas tarefas de passagem a produção. Após algum código desenvolvido caso a caso, adoptando nalguns...
  • Office Interoperability

    Exchange RPC Extractor v2.0 is now available!

    The Office Interoperability Team is pleased to announce the release of RPX Version 2.0 (Microsoft Exchange RPC Extractor). RPX v2.0 empowers developers who are implementing the Microsoft Exchange protocols by allowing them to view the RPC traffic between...
  • MSDN Up North

    Gavedryss - Oppdater appen til 8.1

    Oppdater appen din til 8.1 i sommer og få muligheten til å vinne: 1 Surface 2 stk Nokia Lumia 1320 1 stk Nokia Lumia 1520 4 Microsoft vindjakker Har du utviklet en Windows app eller en Windows Phone app? Da håper...
  • Microsoft Dynamics Danmark - Partner

    Campus Days 2014

    Kære Partner, Så åbner vi for booking af sponsorater til Campus Days 2014 Det er med stor fornøjelse at vi nu kan invitere dig til årets største tekniske Microsoft konference for it-professionelle og udviklere...

    Connaissez-vous la MMA ?

    Créée en 2004 par Micro Focus et Microsoft, la MainFrame Migration Alliance promeut la migration des applications mainframe vers la plate-forme Windows. L'alliance regroupe aujourd'hui plus de 60 membres dont Fujitsu, Stratus, IKAN, InfoSys, Accenture...
  • Being Cellfish

    2009 Advent Calendar December 17th

    Since we already have an implementation for the MutexLock I want to add another passing test: 1: public class Given_a_locked_MutexLock : IDisposable 2: { 3: private MutexLock _lock = new MutexLock(); 4: private Thread _thread; 5: private bool...
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