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  • Johan Lindfors

    Visual Studio Team System - för testaren

    Den 14:e december genomför vi det sista seminariet i vår höstserie om Visual Studio Team System, den här gången helt fokuserad på testarens roll och de verktyg som finns i Visual Studio Test Edition. Mer information och anmälan hittar du här. Material...
  • Smart Client Data

    Data Sources window is inactive in Design View

    On certain machines, after installing Visual Studio 2005, the contents of the Data Sources window disappears when a design surface that allows drag and drop from the Data Sources window is active. For example, the Windows Forms designer, User Control...
  • Krzysztof Cwalina

    Why Do We Have EventArgs Class?

    There is an interesting thread on MSDN newsgroups (see "event arguments" thread) about the design of our eventing APIs. The question is why do we even have EventArgs class (which is empty)? Should we just allow the second parameter to the event handlers...
  • The Feedback Loop

    Why Connect?

    Several people have asked questions, both here on my blog, and in other venues such as newsgroups and emails to myself and other members of the Microsoft Connect team. Many of the questions center around the basic themes of: Why Connect? Didn...
  • Lori Pearce's WebLog

    Windows SDK for the WinFX Runtime Components November CTP

    I want to pass along some information about the Windows SDK for WinFX Runtime Components November CTP. As you know, WinFX is an important part of Windows Vista™. As such, the WinFX SDK is now part of the Windows SDK. The SDK team started the work...
  • distilled

    WinFX November CTP: WCF COM+ Integration just got upgraded

    As detailed on many other pages , the WinFX November Community Technology Preview is available for download and this time it works with the release version of Visual Studio 2005. On the Windows Communication Foundation front and from a COM+ Integration...
  • Russell Christopher's Semi-Useful BI Musings

    Browsing Reporting Services 2005 Reports without IE for Windows

    In 2005, there is limited report browsing support for non IE 6 SP1 browsers (IE 6 SP1 with scripting enabled, that is) This info will be fully documented at some point in the future, but in the meantime here are some general nuggets (BTW, none of this...
  • HealthyTech

    Code Camps in PA

    Those wacky developer evangelists are at it again! Andrew Duthie and his merry crew are hitting the road again, this time in the Keystone State . They will be holding Code Camps in Harrisburg on Dec. 3 in Harrisburg and December 10th in Pittsburgh . Be...
  • Korby Parnell's Social Software Wunderkammer

    New MOM Management Pack Community Site

    New and notable on Gotdotnet CodeGallery this week, from Blogger Eileen Brown : The MOM product team has launched a code sharing site that can be used for our community to share MPs, Connectors, Reports and Scripts on Gotdotnet . This is designed...
  • HealthyTech

    24 hours with Office12

    So I'm one day in to playing with Office 12 beta 1. So far, I'm glad I hit the install button. I really like the new Outlook views/interfaces. As someone who is constantly looking for a better way to keep track of what I'm supposed to be working on, I...
  • Jerome Carron's Weblog

    More questions from Day 4 - Victoria

    A question that has come up at all the events is whether or not the SQL Server 2005 Reporting services will work with SQL 2000? And what is the migration path?   First off you can use the RS2005 with a SQL 2000 environment. Realistically we know people...
  • Jaiprakash

    J#/C#/VB Express SKU prevent use of MS Word - Issue made us work hard

    Hi all, Last week one J# user (Mike Ward of Eurostep) reported that after installing J# express from this link he was not able to work on any Office tools at all. He could install and work on J# express successfully but as soon as he tried to open...
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