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  • Ron Grzywacz's Blog

    Check your Windows power plan settings on your SharePoint machines

    For a server workload on Windows Server 2008/2008 R2 your power plan should be set to High Performance. The default is balanced. This change is recommend for high CPU usage scenarios to ensure equal usage across all cores.
  • 肖江的博客

    创新杯"Imagine Cup"---“用科技解决最棘手的问题" !

    2012年微软创新杯的主题:用科技解决全球最棘手问题。 微软于2003年开始启动名为Imagine Cup微软”创新杯”全球学生大赛项目。在这个平台,你可以发挥自己的想象力和创新力,把你的想法展现出来给大家看,和国际选手PK一把。今年,Imagine Cup正好举办了10年,年度总决赛将在澳大利亚举行,本年度做的主题是"用科技解决全球最棘手问题"。通过全球的大学生同场竞技,堪称计算机领域的大运会. "用科技解决全球最棘手问题":听起来是一个很有趣的主题.如此宽泛的主题给了每个同学思想的空间...
  • Malcolm Bullock - Geek talking

    Into the Lions Den: Vista @ Black Hat 2006

    Just noticed this post on Alexander's blog. I think it's great that all the work done by the product teams over the last few years on security is being recognised. IMO Vista is a milestone for Microsoft in Security terms.
  • Steve Lange @ Work

    Denver: FREE TFS Training Workshop from Aspenware

    “Okay, I have TFS.. Now what?” If you or anyone in your organization has asked that question, this free training from Aspenware may be your answer! Check out the training page on their site for full details , but here are the basics: Part 1: Thursday...
  • Meng-Ru Tsai's Blog

    學生免費公有雲服務 “Azure for Students”

    微軟雲端副總裁 Scott Guthrie 日前宣佈 了 “Azure for Students” 的方案,開放給所有學生,不用信用卡即能開始使用! 直接至 Microsoft Azure for DreamSpark 認證您的學生身份,即可免費使用 3 種公有雲服務:   Azure App Service ( Web Apps ): 建立具備 AutoScale 及 Load Balancing 功能的網站,可以選用 .NET, Java, PHP, Node.js, Python...
  • go ahead, mac my day

    Dennis Liu does it again

    Dennis Liu rocks!...
  • Microsoft Dynamics AX UK Blog

    Resources & Tools for increasing opportunities

    Morning all – it looks like Spring has well and truly arrived especially given Steve Farr is sat next to me singing about it! To start off this spring Monday morning I’d like to draw your attention to a page on the UK Partner Portal where you’ll find...
  • Jim Blizzard's Blog

    So you’ve been using VS 2010 and have something to say?

    Here are some ways to provide feedback: A survey: “Thank you for taking the time to evaluate this pre-release of Microsoft Visual Studio 2010 and the .NET Framework 4. We would like to...
  • MSDN Blog Schweiz

    Live from PDC 2009 Day 3 and closing notes

    Silverlight 4 Performance Finally you can use the VS Profiler to profile a Silverlight application (VS2010). Other than the profiler you can enable a couple of flag to visualize the GPU acceleration: EnableCacheVisualization and the redraws: EnableRedrawRegions...
  • デバイスとITの架け橋

    Windows 7 Sensor APIのCOM Wrapper

    このポスト、書いて公開するのをすっかり忘れていることに、今気がつきました。既にNESLが出てしまったので、このままお蔵入りさせようかとも思ったのですが、考えてみたらガジェットでセンサーAPI使う時、これの類がないと駄目じゃん。ってことで、3ヶ月遅れぐらいで公開です。以下、当時のままポストします。 お疲れ様です。 結構前からTwitterでつぶやいたり、PDC TokyoやTech Fieldersセミナーのネタでちら見せしてきましたが、COM Wrapper作ってCodePlexに登録してあります...
  • good news and no news: cezar guimarães

    silverlight 3 - RTM

    o mercardo ficou sabendo antes do lançamento oficial. então provavelmente esta não é uma notícia tão nova. mas, oficialmente o Silverlight teve seu release anunciado hoje. ele traz muitas novidades, mas a que mais me chama a atenção é a capacidade de...
  • US ISV Evangelism

    Three Apps to Check Out Today

    Checkout these three apps. Please rate these apps if you like them. tvtag is the place to be while watching TV. Check in to your favorite shows, comment, react, vote, earn digital stickers, and experience TV with others like never before. Get it here...
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