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  • scooblog by josh ledgard

    Guest Idea of the Day From My Comments

    In my post about the "Death Of Usenet" Joku left a great comment with two ideas that I wanted to share with a broader audience. Maybe its lazy blogging, but I haven't had much time lately and I thought his comment was a good read. 1. Do not to Close Comments...
  • Juan Roman Escamilla

    public void ReestablecerContraseña()/ResetPassword()

    He llegado al punto de decidir en que lenguaje vamos a programar nuestro proyecto, pero esta vez la discusión se torna en un sentido distinto a la típica de C#, Java, VB, etc. Esta vez se trata de definir si es español o inglés. Yo estoy convencido de...
  • .NET Security Blog

    Allowing Partially Trusted Callers

    The AllowPartiallyTrustedCallersAttribute (affectionately referred to as APTCA from here on out), is one of the aspects of the security system that most frequently trips people up when they run into it. Lets look at a typical scenario where I might run...
  • Sean McBreen's WebLog

    Our next major NZ Technical Event – Save the dates

    We are in the final stages of planning our next NZ technical event covering content for Architect, Developers, IT Professionals and Independent Software Vendors. I’ll publish the agenda when it’s set but the dates to save are: Christchurch – Thursday...
  • Microsoft's JobsBlog

    Bite of Advice: Spell out your company's formal name on your resume

    The Suggestion Kitty says ... Goodness, I’m full of advice today. Guess I should spread this out better – but when the inspiration hits me, I have to blog it. But anyway, here it is … When writing your resume, be sure to include your company’s full name...
  • Sam Jarawan's WebLog

    What did we do before search engines?

    I can't tell you how many times that while i'm coding and run into some type of coding problem or error and it's quicker to search the web for help than ask the developer across the hall from me or even look it up in my local MSDN help. I remember the...
  • FrankPr's World of Devices

    Softwareküche ... ähhh, -fabrik

    Hatte heute morgen das Vergnügen, mit meinem hochgeschätzten Kollegen Frank Fischer auf der VS2005-Konferenz eine Keynote mit dem denkwürdigen Titel "Mehr Spass mit Visual Studio 2005 Team System" (Vorgabe vom Veranstalter!) zu halten. Nun ja, und wir...
  • ArtLeo's WebLog

    Office Developer Conference - Day 3

    In case you were wondering, VSTO rocks. I am curious about folks writing managed code for Office without the comfort of VSTO. (Please add feedback if you do.) VSTO adds a lot that makes using the Office PIA (Primary Interop Assemblies) much easier to...
  • jaredpar's WebLog

    Myth: Creating web applications with Visual Studio requires Admin privileges

    As you can imagine, working on the Whitehorse team, I generate a lot of web applications in a given day. I also run with an LUA account on my developer boxes. Even internally, I am constantly amazed by the number of people who believe that you must have...
  • Joe Stagner - Frustrated by Design !

    VerizonWireless - You Suck !

    So, I’m home with Pneumonia, and my wife is confined to bed rest after having surgery, but….. I had to make a trip to the pharmacy to pick up some more of the medication they put me on for my lungs. The pharmacy is right across the street from the VerizonWireless...
  • jfo's coding

    Windows Forms FAQ - Embraced and Extended

    Mike talks about the new FAQ tab on Windows Forms.NET. This includes most the content from the original FAQ maintained by George Sheperd plus new stuff for Windows Forms 2.0. Let him know what you think of it.
  • Slava Oks's WebLog

    Look at Memory Leaks - Classify and Identify

    In my previous post I talked about type of Memory Pressures. Today I would like to talk about related subject – Memory Leaks. Before you continue reading please make sure that you are familiar with how memory is managed on Windows. Memory leaks are bugs...
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