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  • Christophe Lauer, My Microsoft Life

    Coup de pouce : Simon Ferquel ouvre un nouveau blog...

    Vous connaissez sans doute Simon Ferquel indirectement : Simon est l'auteur de MyExposé qui apporte à Vista des fonctionnalités tant appréciées des afficionados de MacOSX. Simon a donc déménagé dernièrement son blog anciennement sur la plate-forme du...
  • Reaching Out to Microsoft Partners in Australia

    Want a list of Windows Server 2008 blogs from MS staff ?

    Try this:
  • Windows Security Logging and Other Esoterica

    United Kingdom passes EC telecom-logging legislation

    To comply with EC telecommunications logging directives (as other EU nations recently have), the UK has passed a law that starting October 1 telecommunications firms must generate and retain logs of landline and mobile communications for one year. ...
  • Eugenio Pace

    Test Post - LitwareHR Smart Client - End to end demo

    I'm still working on the audio, but I wanted to share the video at least of an end-to-end demo of LitwareHR Smart Client. Also a good excuse to test the Silverlight plug-in for Live Writer by James Clarke . What you'll see: Folder structure ...
  • 長沢智治のライフサイクルブログ

    必見!! | 長編大作ついに完結!IT Pro道場自主トレシリーズ 「アプリプラットフォーム編」 ~ 長沢もちょっとだけ出てます(^^;

    こんにちは。すでに多くの皆さんが、注目、ご覧いただいていると思いますが、 IT Pro 道場 自主トレシリーズ 「アプリケーションプラットフォーム編」 が完結・完成しました。 全11章 という大作です (^o^) ひょっとしたら、IT Pro 道場と名がついているので、IT Pro 向けだろうと思ってみていない方がいらっしゃいましたら、ぜひ見てください!開発者にとって知っておかなければならないこと、そして AJAX や WCF/WF 連携、ロギング実装などの必須の開発技術も含まれています...
  • Stephen's Host Integration Server Blog

    Host Integration Server 2013 SDK available for download

    The HIS 2013 Software Development Kit (SDK) was not included with HIS 2013 as it has been with all prior releases of Host Integration Server. The HIS 2013 SDK has been packaged as a separate download package. This allows updates to the SDK to be made...
  • VSCS Support Team Blog - Test Blog

    The Cases of the Blue Screens: Finding Clues in a Crash Dump and on the Web

    My last couple of posts have looked at the lighter side of blue screens by showing you how to customize their colors. Windows kernel mode code reliability has gotten better and better every release such that many never experience the infamous BSOD. But...
  • LeoPonti Blog

    ‘Twas the Night Before Scripting: Part 2

    Summary : Dr. Scripto helps an Admin learn how to easily modify custom attributes in Active Directory. Microsoft Scripting Guy, Ed Wilson, here. If you missed it yesterday, see Sean’s latest video: Just Script It ! Also be sure to read yesterday’s post before you start on today’s: ‘Twas the Night of Before Scripting: Part 1 . Here’s Sean… In yesterday’s episode, we encountered an Administrator who was near tears due to the time constraints of a massive project and the bad timing of it occurring during the holidays. Magically from a spark of ozone, our good friend Dr. Scripto appeared to aid him. Today, we continue as he gains some further insight into Windows PowerShell and the power of automation. And so we continue, Much deeper to the night, The Admin who never scripted, And suddenly took fright. A project that would take All of the hours Of holiday time, And also no showers. But Dr. Scripto Appeared in time, In a sparking of ozone, And badly done rhyme. With PowerShell, they made Users (so many), And did it barely In the cost of a penny. But now, an email stirred To our good Admin friend, That made him just panic, Nearly to the end. “It’s from the Boss. He insists that I quickly Update the field, With the raw Info account provided to me!” Oh, the panic in his eyes, and gasps of pure dread! To manually update over 500 staff… Fear crept to his head! But the good Doctor, With a twinkle in his eye, Smiled and said, “We can solve this without try.” “Let us take the first script, The one we used to make The staff of 500, We’ll change it easy as cake.” So he copied it out, And pasted it back, The previous script, His small coding snack: $Users=IMPORT-CSV Users.csv Foreach($User in $Users) { $First=$User.Firstname $Last=$User.Lastname $Acct=$User.UserAccount $Addr=$User.Address $City=$User.City $State=$User.St $TempPassword=(CONVERTTO-SecureString –asplaintext –force –string ‘TempPassword1’) $DomainUPN=$Acct+’@Contoso.local’ NEW-ADUSER $Acct –GivenName $First –Surname $Last –StreetAddress $Addr –City $City –State $State –UserPrincipalName $DomainUPN –AccountPassword $TempPassword } ...
  • Especialistas técnicos da Microsoft

    The Case of the Sysinternals-Blocking Malware

    Continuing the theme of focusing on malware-related cases (last week I posted The Case of the Malicious Autostart ) as a lead up to the publication on March 15 of my novel Zero Day , this post describes one submitted to me by a user that took a unique...
  • Steve Lange @ Work

    Visual Studio 2013 Update 2 is Here!

    Yep, it’s here (maybe the timing had something to do with //Build?)! I’ll let you get all the tasty details via the official post , but here are my personal top highlights (and if you’re using VSO, you may have seen some of these already): Work Item Tagging...
  • Game Words 777

    API Mashup Series: Part II

    In the previous post we already explored the basics behind the API MASH . In the second post of the series we will study more details of the Univision Starter Kit , and we will check its technical details to help you develop similar apps. This app...
  • Russell Christopher's Semi-Useful BI Musings

    Unable to launch Report Builder from Report Manager when running Internet Explorer 7 Beta 2

    After installing IE 7 Beta 2, I'm somewhat dismayed to find the Report Builder button in Report Manager no longer functions. When you click the button, IE appears to incorrectly come to the conclusion the the 2.0 framework is not installed on your machine...
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