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  • Malcolm Bullock - Geek talking

    UK Broadband - Who's best?

    I've been experiencing some 'frustrations' with my current broadband provider since about July of last year. I'm on a corporately provided service which prior to July last yr was providing reasonable speeds - something like 4-6mb downloads and pretty...
  • Nemolin

    微软Big Dat介绍(三)

    微软对于大数据的支持已经全面启动,基于Hadoop的服务不仅可以安装在Windows的服务器上,在多个Windows的服务器上实施Hadoop的解决方案,而且用户现在可以在Windows Azure的公有云上直接部署。微软的大数据的解决方案秉承了微软的一贯强调的特点: 易于安装、 配置和使用。应该说在所以得Hadoop的解决方案中,微软在这一点是做得最好的,另外微软还提供了使用JavaScript 简化的编程 利用已有的云平台的安全性和易用性,微软部署在这些平台上Hadoop服务就能为企业级的客户提供支持...
  • notes and rants

    Another HWTSAM Video Podcast

    This one is a recap of chapter 2. We’ve filmed though chapter 8, but we’re a little behind on production. We hope to catch up by end of summer.  
  • Active Directory Management Pack Blog

    Welcome to the Blog

    Welcome to the blog for the ADMP. Here we will talk about all things relating to the Active Directory Management Pack for both Operations Manager 2007 and MOM 2005. I am sure there are lots of questions out there, and we will do our very best to answer...
  • Academic Relations Team Microsoft BeLux

    DreamSpark new features: first glance on what’s new.

    We’ve recently announced on Twitter that the DreamSpark pages have been re-imagined. Those who have tried to download in the meantime software from the DreamSpark pages will certainly have noticed the differences. It is not only about a new design, but...
  • Morten Schioldan

    Installing SharePoint on Windows Server 2008 R2

    You will need to slipstream the install with SP2. Have a look at this post from Jie Li:
  • Being Cellfish

    Handling different versions of the database

    The only way to handle database changes I've used before was either a number of SQL scripts which usually was a pain since it was almost impossible to remember what version of the database you had so you never knew which of the scripts to run. A better...
  • random thoughts

    App-V for Servers at MMS 2009

    So I was at MMS last week and saw this very cool demo at one of the keynotes. The demo by Bill Morein, Sr. Program Manager in the App-V team, was preceeded by a discussion about how to adminster the compute fabric. Bill talked about how the management...
  • testing ledger

    Don’t Be Seduced By Numbers

    [This note was first published to a Microsoft internal blog in October 2008] It is common to include code coverage goals as key criteria for deciding if is time to exit various milestones in the software development cycle. This suggests that code...
  • INDEED blog

    Office 365 вече е достъпен и в България

    Облачните новини за България стават все по-интересни с всеки изминал ден. След пускането на българския пазар на Windows Azure в началото на този месец, дойде време и на software as a service предложението ни Office 365. От вчера (27.06.2012 г.) услугата...
  • Der deutsche Education Blog

    Mit Flute Master kinderleicht Flöte spielen lernen

    Der gebürtige Allgäuer João Carlos Ramalheiro ist Musikpädagoge, Microsoft Expert Educator, Geschäftsführer der Software Firma Insignio Labs und Direktor seiner Musik Akademie, mit dem Sitz in Lousa/Coimbra Portugal. In...
  • Tom Lee's blog

    Microsoft Azure Websites 如何攔阻特定 IP 區段之網路連線‏

      感謝北科大劉建昌同學翻譯 微軟公司 Microsoft Azure Websites 主管  Stefan Schackow 於 2013/12/09所發表的文章 一個 Azure Web Sites 上的網站如何設定僅允許特定 IP 位址可以存取,或是限制特定 IP 位址不能夠存取...
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