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  • Veni, Vidi, Velcro...

    Make your own Ringtone in Windows 7….

    I can’t tell you how refreshing, crisp and nice Windows 7 is. The Windows team blog put out this great post today about another cool hidden gem in Windows 7. Ringtone Editor! Watch the video below to see how easy it is to make a custom Ringtone for your...
  • Katrien's MSDN Blog

    Internet Explorer 8 – Webslices and Accelerators Belux Contest is on!

    This fall we’re giving you not one but two chances to win a netbook and other prizes! Next to the Belux Silverlight contest we are also launching the “Internet Explorer 8 – Webslices & Accelerators Contest”. Webslices Webslices allow your site visitors...
  • FrankPr's World of Devices

    Visual Source Safe geht in Rente – TFS Basic Installation kommt

    Visual Source Safe ist seit Jahren eine bewährte Lösung zur Versionskontrolle, deren Anwender vor allem die einfache Installation und ebenso einfache Bedienung schätzen. (Ich erinnere mich aber auch an die unzähligen Supportfälle, die ich in meiner Zeit...
  • Canadian Developer Connection

    Slice of Life: Where I am Today

    I’m working out of the downtown Toronto building known as “The Richmond” today , participating in a showcase of Windows 7-ready hardware for the media. As of this writing, I’ve done demos of Windows 7 on an HP TouchSmart computer hooked to a Sony Bravia...
  • The Xbox LIVE Community Team talks Games...and stuff

    Deal of the Week thru October 11

    The Deal of the Week this week is the Prince of Persia Epilogue is available now for only 560 MS Points, 30% off the regular rate. Sweet.
  • Desde mi Ventana Movil

    Windows Phones – Anuncio Mundial

    Hoy se inicia una nueva era en la movilidad para Microsoft, es el dia del anuncio de la disponibilidad de los nuevos equipos de la mano de los mas importantes fabricantes, la novedad es que traen Windows Mobile 6.5 y se denominaran Windows Phones . Alrededor...
  • Microsoft Bob

    Trying to catch up

    I apologize as I notice there are some inquiries related to code posted. I should probably set expectations about this, as I am not the typical Microsoft employee with a MSDN blog. Most of the other folks with MSDN blogs are in the product teams and blogging...
  • RemyP's Blog

    Where did Copy Logs go?

    Up until a few days ago, when you wanted to get a dump of your application logs running in Windows Azure, you could go to the hosted service configuration page, and request the log dump using the Copy Logs button. This has changed. The Windows Azure logging...
  • Ozzie Rules Blogging

    Office DevCon 09 Oct 31st Nov 1st Brisbane Australia

    University of Queensland will continue a 3 year tradition by hosting the very successful Office Devcon 09.  The speaker list looks like a who’s who of Australian MVPS. Very Sorry I am going to miss it!…hopefully you won’t make the same mistake!  ...
  • 软件测试 杂文集 Software Testing by Cheno


    By Cheno 最近读了《软件测试的艺术》( The art of software testing ),书是三十多年前(1979)写的,为了与时俱进,前几年(2004)被翻新了一下,增加了一些新的测试方法例如(eXtreme testing,Web testing),成为第二版。 书写的非常简洁,没有太多的冗余,结构非常清晰,内容非常全面,这可能是这本书成为经典软件测试书籍的主要原因;由于书是30年前写的,而且作者的拥有的主要的集成电路中的软件测试的背景,对真正的现代商业软件测试并未涉足太深...
  • Dag König

    Introduktion till ASP.NET MVC 2

    Av Mikael Söderström, Siemens En introduktion till ASP.NET MVC 2 som tar upp några av de nya Html-helpers i ASP.NET MVC 2, templates och data annotations. Inte alls långt efter att ASP.NET MVC släpptes som RTW så kom preview 1 av ASP.NET MVC 2. Precis...
  • MSDN Up North

    Planer om å starte for deg selv?

    Da skal du få med deg dette spennende seminaret for gründere. Flere spennende foredragholdere er klare til å gi deg den inspirasjonen du trenger til å starte ditt eget selskap. I tillegg får du vite hvordan du i oppstartsfasen kan skaffe deg alt du trenger...
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