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  • Sriram Krishnan

    [VSD] Getting started with the ResultSet (SqlCeResultSet)

    [If you're new to device data development, read my first post in this series] Probably the biggest new thing for device data developers in VS 2005 is the introduction of the ResultSet (to be specific, the SqlCeResultSet class) in Sql Mobile. Of course...
  • John Pollard's Technical Blog

    Compulsory Introductory Post

    Just a few words about myself and the purpose of this blog. I work as part of the MSN Portal International team in London, but we have a pretty wide remit to work on lots of MSN-based software so I get to work across many different areas of development...
  • Rob Caron

    Sharing Means You Get Less

    By default, SQL Server 2005 dynamically manages its memory consumption, which is of course the recommended configuration for SQL Server. When doing so, SQL Server monitors system memory availability and grabs more memory when it needs it as long as enough...
  • Leading Trump - Pradeep U.N. & his Blog about Nothing.

    Chris Sells' Best Exam answer ever

    Coming from Chennai, south india where if you picked any 5 ppl on the road - about 3 of them would be engineers and about 4 of them would know how to code in C/C++ - this post on Chris Sell's blog entry this morning brought in a chuckle from me. Okie...
  • frankarr - an aussie microsoft blogger

    First 4 weeks with my K-Jam

    I've had my K-Jam for 4 weeks now , so time for a quick review, as promised . PROS Size is excellent. It passes "my weekend pop in a pocket to chase the kids" test WiFi is fantastic. This is reducing my GPRS data usage by an significant amount...
  • Brad Abrams

    Errata for the Framework Design Guidelines

    We are finalizing plans to do a 2 nd printing of the Framework Design Guidelines (thanks for those of you who bought a copy)… As you may be aware, with additional printings they don’t generally like authors to add new content, but it does afford an opportunity...
  • Brad Abrams

    Framework Design Guidelines Names of Namespaces

    Continuing in the series of discussing topics from the Framework Design Guidelines … Expert from 3.3 Names of Namespaces DO use a stable, version-independent product name at the second level of a namespace name. DO NOT use organizational...
  • Community and Influencers Blog

    Happy Birthday C++

    Loved and unknown C++ is celebrating 20 years and this week is in the spotlight at Devconnection convention in Las Vegas ( ) . I found this article about adding embedded scripting to C+...
  • Calvin Hsia's WebLog

    How old is your computer?

    You can determine the last time your Administrator password was changed, which could have been the first time you started your computer (if you haven’t formatted your hard disk or changed the admin password) This code calls NetUserGetInfo to get user...
  • Aaron Stebner's WebLog

    How to specify the exact time for Media Center guide downloads

    I received a question from a customer today asking how they could update their Media Center television guide download time. It had been set for 4:50am and they wanted to change it to some other time in order to not be woken up by a dialing modem sound...
  • Windows Embedded Blog

    TrueType - how does it work ?

    Ever wondered how TrueType scaling and hinting works? - Over on the MSDN FontBlog there's a pretty neat video that explains/shows how this works. - Mike
  • Ben Armstrong

    Rebel Assault under Virtual PC

    Ahh.. Rebel Assault. This classic star wars game was one of my favorites. It had you playing 'rookie 1' - a young rebel fighter who is remarkably like, yet not quite like, Luke Skywalker. This game presents you with many varied missions in different types...
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