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  • David Gristwood's Blog

    Chalk & Talk at recent Visual Studio / SQL Server / BizTalk Server launch

    I mentioned on my recent blog that I was involved in the Visual Studio / SQL Server / BizTalk Server launch . As part of that, Mike Taulty and I (along with some other folk, including MVPs and RDs, such as Benjamin Mitchell ) ran a Chalk & Talk session...
  • Alvin Gendrano's WebLog


    I've been wanting to jump back into the community scene for quite a while, and it might as well be tonight. It has been crazy busy lately with normal ISV-Advisory-Services operations and the neat collaborative projects we have in the works. In the last...
  • Security Tips & Talk

    Have you experienced online fraud or phishing? We want to hear from you

    Was your identity stolen on the Internet by a criminal? Did you lose finances online due to a phishing Web site? We want to hear about your experiences with online fraud or scams like phishing . Criminals and their scams are getting more and more...
  • Elisa Flasko's Blog

    LINQ to Entities Samples in March CTP

    I've seen a good number of questions from people about the LINQ to Entities Samples in the Orcas March CTP and why they just don't seem to work... Check out Erick Thompson's post for the 4 easy steps to get the samples back up and running.
  • Blog de RicardoJ

    Software para Automatización de Casas

    La compañía Controlthink que construye dispositivos de control para el hogar (control de luces, dispositivos electrónicos, etc.) provee la facilidad de extender sus soluciones con software realizado por ti mismo, utilizando Visual Studio .NET con su ControlThink...
  • Adventures In SoftwareLand

    The MicroISV Show #14 - Don Dodge

    Just posted the latest episode of The MicroISV show which was a great interview with Don Dodge, a member of the Emerging Business Team here at Microsoft. Don and his team work with startups and help them connect directly with our product developers...
  • Johan Lindfors

    2 dagar kvar av tävlingen

    Du har väl inte missat min lilla WPF/E tävling som jag utlyste för ett par veckor sedan. Hur går det med hackandet och hur kan Sverige-kartan användas i din lösning? 2 dagar kvar till inlämning och 5 dagar kvar till Microsoft Live! Länk till Johan...
  • I. M. Testy

    5 Questions with Michael Hunter

    Michael Hunter is a well know tester both inside and outside of Microsoft. Michael writes a testing column for Dr. Dobbs Journal Portal which is really cool because it shines a light on the world of testing in a traditonally developer focused portal and...
  • Steve Clayton

    A blog looking at how small businesses can use Web 2.0 technologies

    This is a solid list from Jas on Web 2.0 companies in the UK that came from The Register . I didn't know half of these so off to check them many will be using Microsoft technology? Not as many as Google is my guess. Boy we have our work cut...
  • A Canuck In The Machine

    MSDN Code Awards - Nominate Now!

    The team here at MSDN Canada is running a very cool contest called the Code Awards. We've never done anything like this before and I think it is a great idea for the Canadian Developer Community. Check out the details here:
  • MSDN上でご案内するイベントやセミナーの情報が満載です


    みなさま、こんにちは。オーディエンスマーケティングの杉田です。 今日はRedmondからこのブログを書いています。 Ask the Experts! というマイクロソフト本社の担当者にみなさまからいただいた質問を直接インタビューする、という企画でRedmondへきております。寒いです。 メールベースで、4月以降の オフラインセミナー に登場するスピーカーとコミュニケーションをとっております。 以前にこちらのブログでも書きましたが、 4月にいよいよあの人がMSDNオフラインセミナーに帰ってきます...
  • EricMitt blog


    Olymars Pascal Belaud, fera une présentation de l'outil qu’il développe maintenant depuis quelques années. L’objet d’Olymars est de générer du code, pour vous simplier la vie dés lors que votre projet doit accéder à une base de données SQL Server...
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