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  • Quan To's Visual Studio Extensibility blog

    0xC0000006 Exception during VS 2005 Setup

    This was a pretty interesting bug we found in IExpress (the technology we use to package up some of our setups). IExpress is used to package up the .NET Framework, the SDK, Remote Debugger, J# Redist, and the Document Explorer. During the installation...
  • One Louder

    "Strategically aligned to the business"

    Keith Hammond's snark meter goes to eleven in his piece, "Why I Hate HR" (you might need a fast Company Subscription to view but I think the link goes public after the issue's been out a while). I agree with some of the points he's trying to make. ...
  • SQL Server 2005: CLR Integration

    Using Webservices and Xml Serialization in CLR Integration

    Last time we saw an example of using a powerful functionality, Regular Expressions, from a supported .NET Framework library and how you can leverage it in your database applications. Today we will talk about another such functionality that is enabled...
  • Calvin Hsia's WebLog

    Draw text or graphics directly onto a JPG file

    Here’s some code to manipulate photos using the GDIPlus class library that ships with VFP 9. It creates a GPImage object out of a JPG, then creates a GPGraphics object, draws some text and an ellipse on that object, then saves it to a new filename. The...
  • Eric Gunnerson's Compendium

    The common desk

    Not sure where I got this from: The Common Desk
  • Visual Studio Data

    The Visual Studio Debugger Chat, July 28th @ 1pm Pacific Time

    In case you have any burning questions or comments about SQL, C#, VB, C++, or script debugging support in Visual Studio. The C# Debugger team is having a Chat this coming Thursday. Check out Scott Nonnenberg's blog for further details: http://blogs.msdn...
  • Michael Howard's Web Log

    SDL Document now in Ten Languages

    English French Italian German
  • BorisJ's Blog

    Useful Code: Swap .h/.cpp

    Over the past few weeks, for a number of reasons I have been working on a number of macros to extend the functionality of Visual C++. The first reason is that I have been giving preparing demos for various talks, such as Gamefest (which I mentioned earlier...
  • Live Search

    Virtual Earth is Live

    Wow! Virtual Earth (beta) has been released. It’s a beautiful web-site that’s packed full of features including local search, maps, and a scratchpad. I love that I can easily create a tour of seattle; here’s some spots on my personal map of capitol hill...
  • release_team's WebLog

    Whidbey RTM Release Criteria – Dogfooding Team Foundation Server

    During Whidbey Beta 1 we built a web application for reporting the division release criteria called DDMetrics. This tool served its purpose for Beta 1 and Beta 2. Now... it is time to take it to the next level and start using an incredibly awesome tool...
  • Tom Hollander's blog

    MSN Virtual Earth beta launched

    This has nothing to do with my work - but I thought it was cool enough to share. If you thought Google Maps was slick (and I'll admit to being one of those people), check out the beta of the new MSN Virtual Earth . Here's a screenshot showing where...
  • hughpyle

    GWS Application: Part 1

    Almost ready to write some code to call Groove Web Services now. My aim is to create an Outlook addin, which reads data from the Groove Forms tool we made earlier; the tool is a contact directory, and we'll pull those records out of Groove, into a...
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