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  • Brad McCabe's WebLog

    New Web Deployment Project for ASP.NET

    New on the ASP.NET site today is a cool thing for deployment -- Web Deployment projects. (Download here .) This is an add-in VS project type that manages an MSBuild file and lets manage you all sorts of build configurations, pre- and post-processing,...
  • MSBuild Team Blog

    Parallelizing Visual Studio solutions

    One of the MSBuild Team’s scenarios for multi-proc builds is the automatic parallelization of Visual Studio solutions. For this scenario, we want Visual Studio to automatically parallelize all “independent” projects, and serialize all “dependent” ones...
  • Public Sector Developer Weblog

    GCN SQL Server 2005 Article

    Today, Government Computer News posted an article on SQL Server 2005 on their web site . The article contains a quote from me taken in an interview I gave about 7 months ago. When I heard about this, I thought it was pretty cool. It turns out that my...
  • TexBlog

    A Tale of Two Conferences

    As fortune would have it this week, the C++ Connections in Vegas overlaps with the annual Borland Developer's Conference in San Francisco. I'm a little bummed because I hoped to attend both. I stopped working at Borland in 1998, but prior to this year...
  • Monad

    Debugging Monad Scripts, Part 4: set-mshdebug

    Did your command or script fail and/or report an error? We hope to have a proper script debugger in a future version, but until then, MSH has some handy features to help you figure out what went wrong. In this series of blog entries, I will present some...
  • Rob Caron

    Team Foundation Server User Management Tool

    Time for a stampede! If you can’t stand having to manage users in three different places, run – don’t walk, to the Product Feedback Center: Bug Details: Simplify adding team members There should be a way where adding a user to TFS at the same...
  • Fabulous Adventures In Coding

    Why Can't I Access A Protected Member From A Derived Class?

    A question I got recently was about access to protected methods from a derived class. Clearly that's what "protected" means – that you can access it from a derived class. In that case, why doesn't this work? class Ungulate { protected void Eat() {...
  • Sara Ford's Weblog

    MSNBC dedicated site to the reconstruction of Waveland and Bay St. Louis

    Good lord, am I the last to know about this site regarding the reconstruction of Bay St. Louis and Waveland?  Well, several people on the team forwarded it to me right when I got back from our trip to Waveland.  I only took a quick peek and...
  • graceworld

    Did you miss the San Francisco launch?

    Enjoy the recorded keynote:
  • Jason Langridge's WebLog - MR Mobile!

    Securing personal devices with MSFP

    Across Enterprises a large percentage of devices are personally bought devices as opposed to corporate issue. Research indicates about 80% are brought in via the back door as opposed to the front-door (corporate purchase) One of the interesting options...
  • Jason Langridge's WebLog - MR Mobile!

    MSFP and Windows Mobile 2003

    Well - some great comments on MSFP. One of the points I didn't cover and had lots of email about is what happens to existing Windows Mobile 2003 devices once you upgrade to Service Pack 2! They will still be able to synchronise but will not get Push...
  • Test Guide

    I Don't Care - But I Do

    We have recently started planning Sparkle's end game: what it's going to take to ship this puppy. (Please don't take this to mean we are anywhere near to shipping, because we aren't.) If you have never shipped a commercial software product, you probably...
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