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  • Kam VedBrat

    My demo from WinHEC

    Robert Hogue on our demo team has a page with some interesting Avalon demos - including the 3d-video application that I demonstrated in my WinHEC talk.
  • Kam VedBrat

    Kam's a lazy blogger...

    No blogging since April... lazy blogger. I could say "I've been busy" but that would be lying. It's actually been super busy with WinHEC in Seattle, and again in Taipei, I had a great opportunity to meet with a ton of customers about some of the great...
  • Calvin Hsia's WebLog

    Simple demo of Customer/Orders one to many form with conflict detection and resolution

    Often I’m asked to demo Foxpro to people who’ve never seen it before. In one demo I show how simple it is to create a usable one to many form that allows multiple instances with collision detection and resolution. From the main menu choose File...
  • A SQL Server Blog

    New Blog Location

    Hi there, I'm a member of the SQL Server Integration Services team and previously had a blog here: sqljunkies . Last week I ran into issues posting there and thought I'd try out this site instead. Since I work to integrate technologies, getting...
  • Andrew Ma's WebLog

    Beta MSN Shopping site (Part II)

    Months ago , I wrote up a tiny blog entry about a preview of our upcoming MSN Shopping website. Today, as the msn shopping team blog says, we get one step closer to that actual release with a refreshed beta site. There are quite a few changes between...
  • jamespr's WebLog

    Write Once, Run Anywhere or just on your target device?

    • 2 Comments ran an interesting article yesterday . It looks at the promise of "Write Once, Run Anywhere" on the J2ME platform. My takeaway...
  • A SQL Server Blog

    SQL: Performance of incremental bulk insert

    Bulk loading into a table that already has records is a common scenario. A lot of folks ask how can they optimize this, and besides the standard 'it depends' answer, there's a BOL topic that gives useful information on what to do depending on how large...
  • jamespr's WebLog

    Should I go MP3?

    After going through hoops to get my music from iTunes into my Media Center UI it got me thinking about music formats. When I started with my iPod, I chose M4A because it enabled me to save space on my iPod. iTunes now has a facility to transcode songs...
  • jamespr's WebLog

    Syncing Windows Media Player and iTunes

    Syncing Windows Media Player and iTunes We've talked about me being an iPod owner and we talked about me building a Media Center PC - we did talk about that right? Maybe not! Well that's the topic for another post but for now let's take a step forward...
  • MSN Shopping Insider

    Pssst.....Silent beta launch this weekend

    We will be officially launching our new beta site on Monday, but you can check it out this weekend at We'll provide much more information next week, so stay tuned. In the meantime, please let us know what you think...
  • drwill's bailiwick

    The Perfect Bug

  • Michael Koltachev's blog


    My name is Michael Koltachev, I’m a developer in Visual Studio Team System at Microsoft. Inside VSTS my team (here’s our team’s blog ) works on Testing Tools and I own the internals of test execution. I could tell you a lot about VSTS and but I’d just...
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