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  • fontblog

    ClearType improves our accuracy at recognizing words

    Most people agree that ClearType makes text look nicer, especially when tuned . But does it help us read more efficiently? This is a difficult question because adult readers can read at a very fast rate – good readers can read 250-300 words per...
  • Public Sector Developer Weblog

    Visual Studio 2005 Pre-RTM Uninstall Instructions

    I am sure it's been blogged tons o' times already, but it's the first thing that came up when I MSN'd it . These instructions should help
  • IRhetoric - Karsten Januszewski

    Databinding in 3D

    In discussing the change to ModelVisual3D , I mentioned two benefits of the change are databinding and subclassing. Daniel Lehenbauer has a post with a code sample that shows sub-classing 3D objects to create primitives that can be used in markup and...
  • Pascal Belaud

    Visual Studio 2005 et SQL Server 2005 RTM ! et disponible pour tous les abonnés MSDN

    Ca y'est, c'est fait ! Ces deux produits phares que sont Visual Studio 2005 et SQL Server 2005 sont enfin disponibles en version finale. Abonnés MSDN, courez donc vers votre site MSDN préféré pour télécharger et installer les images ISO... Voici...
  • Jason Sacks's Windows SDK blog

    Closing in on Beta 2

    The Windows SDK team is closing in on Beta 2. We have about two weeks left in our dev cycle, after which test does their full pass while we PMs start thinking about RC0 coming early next year. For me, as a PM who joined this team just as we were locking...
  • Rick LaPlante's WebLog

    VSTS Roll based skus (clients) RTM!!

    it is with TREMENDOUS pleasure that I say we've released the version 1.0 of VSTS roll bases skus to manufacturing and you can immediately (if the servers aren't buried anyway) download them from the MSDN subscriber section. We've also released a matched...
  • Neils Ramble


    Hello all. This is my first foray into the world of blogging. I hope to provide a useful addition to the many msdn blogs already out there and look forward to having plenty of communication with the world of collaborative technologies. Neil
  • Jamie's Junk

    One year anniversary for!

    Not only is October the RTM month for SQL Server - it is also the one-year anniversary for SQLServerDataMining . We now have over 3100 registered mambers from over 32000 distinct IP's all over the world. To celebrate we've added the live sample " The...
  • School of the Future WebLog

    Chronicle 8 - It's been too long!

    Yes, it has been too long! My apologies to those faithful readers who have been following this project. There has been so much activity over the past 6 months that I never seemed to be able to find the time to write. However, all of this activity has...
  • HealthBlog

    Healthcare Portals: Serving all people

    According to the US Census Bureau , 55 percent of American households have access to the internet. That's triple the percentage reported in 1997. I suspect the true figure is even higher since the survey is based on census information from 2003. As might...
  • Dr. International

    Name that Unattended Installed TimeZone

    I got a question today if it was possible to set the TimeZone of a computer via the Unattended installation process. Well the answer is yes , but it is sometimes hard to find out how. So, I thought I would drop this here to help make it easier to find...
  • Alex Barnett's blog

    How to Hack RSS and Atom Feeds

    Useful intro article: How to Hack RSS and Atom Feeds "How To: From the ExtremeTech book, Hacking RSS and Atom , we give you the scoop on RSS and Atom Feeds, and explain how to build an aggregator, route feeds to your inbox, and subscribe to multimedia...
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