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  • Okoboji: a lake, a mythical university, Kevin Moore's blog

    WPF Minesweeper (updated)

    I've updated Minesweeper (see my last post ). We have a timer, a "new game button" and cool graphics when you win/lose. (Alright, I just change the background brush, but it looks cool.) I still need to add options to change the size and number of mines...
  • Pranav ... Blogging


    I really hate to give you this plain ..old ... boring message.. but i was a bit busy since i created this blog. I also took a couple of vacations first one to go to GOA (if you know whats that you are lucky... ;) ), other one to go to meet my parents...
  • Spat's WebLog (Steve Patrick)

    Where is marketing when I need them?

    Where, oh where is the infamous MS marketing machine when it comes to my favorite gadget , the smartphone? I was just reading about the video iPod here: and could just not resist posting a comment...
  • Live Search

    Frank *talk* from MSN Search

    Finally, MSN Search was visited by Channel 9 – the amazing MSDN Web site that brings the people of Microsoft to you in video. Erik Selberg and I joined Robert Scoble for a lively, hour-long discussion. Check out the video here . We talk about: ...
  • Larry Osterman's WebLog

    A really quick followup to the "No Easter Eggs" story

    Man, it's just been the fall for running into old friends and colleagues. In the past month alone, I've run into three different classmates from college, and co-workers from over the years. Go figure that one out, I have NO idea why they all caught up...
  • john devadoss' blog

    Martin Fowler on Service Oriented Ambiguity

    Martin Fowler at - " I think SOA has turned into a semantics-free concept that can join 'components' and 'architecture'. It's beyond saving - so the concrete ideas that do have some substance...
  • Jim Galasyn's Learning Curve

    The New Chris Sells Book

    Incidentally, I picked up the new Chris Sells / Ian Griffiths book on WPF last week: If you want...
  • PeteL's Blog

    VS Ship Party Pics

    Yesterday was a pretty good day, my team signed off on VS 2005 and we had our ship party. The party wasn't quite as exciting as previous ship parties, but it was still a darn good time. I've posted my pictures up online at http://www.bigbackpack...
  • john devadoss' blog

    Web 2.0 goes the way of SOA...

    Joel at - "The term Web 2.0 particularly bugs me. It's not a real concept. It has no meaning. It's a big, vague, nebulous cloud of pure architectural nothingness. When people use the term Web 2.0, I...
  • Kamal Hathi - Analysis Services, BI and beyond

    New blog home, new team ...

    I have decided to move my blog from to msdn. I haven't had time in the past 3 months or so to post anything. In the meantime I have changed teams within SQL Server and am now part of the Analysis Services team. SSIS though will always...
  • Jezz Santos

    Next steps with EFx

    A little about the history... At present EFx ( Enterprise Framework ) is in a state of transition from the Everett world (.NET Framework 1.1) to (.NET Framework 2.0). Although quite a separate issue from the base framework, EFx is also migrating to...
  • Jim Galasyn's Learning Curve

    Workaround: ActiveX Controls Not Working via XAML

    Mike Henderlight recently posted a nice summary of a bug in WinFX current (September CTP) bits: ActiveX Controls Not Working via XAML . An attempt to instantiate an ActiveX control with a managed wrapper (Axhost) from XAML fails with an interesting...
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