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  • jfo's coding

    How NOT to start an application without showing a form =)

    The notify icon article started out because I realized, even internally that the best practice for this wasn't very obvious. I thought I'd share the "other" solutions to the problem, and their pitfalls. ;-) Approach 1: Start off with Form.Opacity ...
  • Visual Studio Data

    Tragic News (by yag)

    I got an email today that an old friend and a long time VFP MVP, Drew Speedie and his son Brent died on Friday while hiking in Yellowstone Pa rk . Drew and I spent many years speaking at the same conferences all around the world – and he was one of the...
  • Setup Sense and Sensibility

    Conventions are Tough

    After PDC 2005 and TechEd 2005 I can say conventions are a lot harder than I had imagined. The best and the worst thing are that customers that know my technology come up to me and tell me what's wrong with it. This is great because I know people care...
  • Paul Andrew

    PDC 2005 Windows Workflow Foundation Sessions PPTs

    The PPTs from the Professional Developers Conference are all online. Here are the links to the Windows Workflow Foundation sessions. COM210 Introduction to Windows Workflow Foundation - Bill Devlin & Paul Andrew COM318 Developing Rules Driven...
  • Roberdan

    Fatti Non Portali in progress

    but you can have a look here: it's still under development, but it's still SharePoint ;-) Feedbacks welcomed!! Support to design all the sps template is still welcomed! enjoy! roberdan
  • Public Sector Developer Weblog

    VS 2005 RC Bits Update

    After fussing in line at the beginning of PDC to get NO RC BITS, all is well after every attendees (including me) received the VS 2005 RC bits on Thursday. BTW, for customers that are considering standing up a VSTF, the beta 3 bits are ONLY DAYS AWAY...
  • Roberdan

    Yet on Small World Networks

    Everyone is familiar with the "small world" phenomena, in which every person on earth is connected to every other by at most 6 degrees of separation. For the moment, imagine a world in which everyone was friends with only those people who lived within...
  • TS Tidbits

    How to Shoot Yourself in the Foot with Security, Part 1

    In the past, we have highlighted Security focused articles by Jesper Johansson. He hasn't done a column lately but is back in the groove. He says: "A while ago, I took a hiatus from writing these articles. Now I am back and I thought it would be fun...
  • Kirk Evans Blog

    PDC05 - Distributed Transactions and Attendance

    I spent a lot of time at PDC debating the merits and drawbacks of distributed transactions and appropriate models within enterprise architectures. I have preconceived notions on distributed transactions (just say no unless you are really sure of why you...
  • Mohamed Sharaf's Blog

    Installing Microsoft Enterprise Library on production servers

    Many of us encountered a lot of problems when installing Microsoft Enterprise Library on production servers, you may face or see error like " System.Security.SecurityException: Requested registry access is not allowed" Simply to deploy your web...
  • Outside The Cube

    MOM: 1e MOMent...

    Cool... "MOMent is a web-based enterprise console for MOM providing information for senior IT managers. MOM provides the detail needed by your IT support engineers, and MOMent provides an executive...
  • Kirk Evans Blog

    Tuning System.Net

    I love posts like this that explain how to tune System.Net . System.Net.ServicePoint has long been one of the classes with just enough information available to make you wonder what else you can do with it, but just enough knowledge base articles to make...
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